Opting For A Rented Property? Consider These!

Opting For A Rented Property? Consider These!

Opting For A Rented Property? Consider These!

Once you have decided to move in to a rented property, there are a few aspects you need to pay attention to. Here is a checklist you should consider:

Clean windows and doors: The first thing you notice when you step in to a house is the door and windows. House owners must ideally paint the doors and windows or apply varnish so that they look appealing.

Peeling paint: Most house owners paint their house before a new tenant comes in. If this is done before a house owner shows it to the next prospective tenant, there are higher possibilities of renting it out fast. 

Basic maintenance issues: Check for the basic maintenance issues like leakages in the sinks, showers etc, moisture in walls and drainage systems. Tenants may also check out for electric connections.

Unfair rental price: Tenants need to have a clear idea about the rental rates in the surrounding areas before entering into a discussion about rental aspects. Tenants also need to enquire about any other extra expense that they will incur once they start staying there.

Screening environment: Little do tenants pay attention to the environment where the house is located. Too noisy or too quiet environment can create problems if tenants have children and old people living with them. Tenants need to see whether it is a congenial environment for the family members.

Last Updated: Tue Dec 22 2015

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