City Or Suburb: Where Should You Rent?

City Or Suburb: Where Should You Rent?

City Or Suburb: Where Should You Rent?

Offered a job in the city and planning to relocate on rent? The first question that would arise in your mind when relocating is, whether to live in the city or in the suburbs.

While city ensures convenience and the urban culture, suburbs, on the other hand, offer serenity and a cleaner environment. Also, suburbs offer larger spaces and lower rents, when compared to the city, but living in the city keeps you closer to work, thus, saving on commutation time and transportation cost. There are many pros and cons to living in a city or a suburb.

MakaanIQ lists factors that you could consider before making a choice between renting in the suburbs or in the city.

The cost of living

The most significant factor to consider when renting a house is the cost of living because apart from the rent, there are other additional costs including food, amenities, and even transportation. Urban areas have a relatively high living cost when compared with the suburbs.

However, the cost also depends on which city or suburb you are moving to.

Living space

A city offers you a lot in terms of art, culture, and events. But the downside of living in the city is the living space available is restricted when compared with size of homes in the suburbs.

Suburban homes are likely to provide more spacious living areas including gardens, balconies and more rooms.

On the other hand, you may not have a large private space in a city home, you do have all the public parks, art exhibits and lively public spaces to visit.

Transportation and commute

If you live in the suburbs, having a private vehicle will be necessary for day-to-day commute. However, you will find ample parking space and that too at a marginalised price.

On the other hand, buying a private vehicle in the city might call for hefty parking charges. But you would not need a car always to commute instead you could use efficient public transportation options that are fast and not heavy on the pocket.


Suburbs have a less number of malls and recreational centres, while in urban areas the localities are surrounded by cultural centres, malls, multiplexes, parks and other recreational centres.

So, it depends on what you're looking for and the kind of lifestyle you plan to lead. If you're looking for a regular dose of culture with restaurants and nightlife, then you should stick to the city. However, if you are a person who likes to stay away from clutter of city-life, you should opt for suburbs.

Life priorities

Certain life priorities can help you decide whether you should opt for a suburb home or a city home.  These priorities include commute time, social infrastructure, family safety and others.

With inputs from Probalika Boruah

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