Buying a property to give out on rent? Read tips here

Buying a property to give out on rent? Read tips here

Buying a property to give out on rent? Read tips here

Owning and operating a rental property should be considered more of a business than an investment. Renting out properties can be a rewarding way to earn an additional income or even a primary one; it increases one’s assets. Buying a property with the objective of rental income should be some with some prior understanding. A few tips to choose rental properties are as follows:


The neighborhoods close to amenities for example, schools, hospitals, stores, recreational locations, and office complexes extract high rents.


Do not underestimate the expenses and pick a property that generates a positive cash flow. Maintaining issues like re-painting and plumbing should be kept in mind while calculating the expenses.

Rent prices:

Analyze per square feet rents in the area by checking http://pricetrends.makaan.com/. The calculations provide a near correct forecast on how swiftly the rents will increase in the area.

Screening of tenants:

Positively screen the new tenants and do not rent out a place in haste. One should not blindly trust the references. Instead verify them with complete satisfaction. Choosing tenants on the basis of their urgency or an urge to start earning rent will often end up in troubles

Understand the laws:

One should dedicate time to learn the prevailing landlord-tenant laws. This helps in the smooth operation of the renting period and in maintaining a transparent relation with the tenants.


All the terms and conditions and the decided transactions have to be documented in order to have legal enforceability. The contracts in writing help to have an unproblematic future.

Most of the rental properties give out returns in the range of 2-5% of capital value; however, the investors have to be quite active, respondent and calculative to extract returns at the upper end of range.

Last Updated: Sat Jan 12 2013

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