Are You Ready To Rent?

Are You Ready To Rent?

Are You Ready To Rent?

Taking an apartment on rent is an equally thoughtful decision as is buying a home. The process is similar and both call for certain amount of money outflow.

So, if you are planning to rent an apartment for yourself think of the three major changes that you will witness: a new space, new expenses and the process of moving. MakaaniQ lists five ways to make sure you are ready to rent a property:


One of the key criteria of being ready to rent is to know that you can afford it. So, before you begin to think of renting an apartment, check your finances. Can you handle a certain amount of money to be given as rent? Remember, rent should always be less than 30 per cent of your monthly salary. Hence, when planning to rent, always look for a property that fits your budget.

The monthly budget

Apart from the monthly rent would come the monthly expenses that you will have to bear to maintain and live in the property. Your groceries, travel, utility bills, repairs, leisure among others are your additional monthly expenses that you will have keep in mind when deciding to rent.

A place called home

It will be your first rented apartment ever, you would want it to be just like a home away from home. Hence, when planning to rent, make property visits and see if you get positive vibes from the apartment and even gives you room to make altercation based on your needs. Not just the indoors, the neigbourhood is equally important to define whether or not the property feels like home.

Learn to read an agreement

Even before you go out and look for a property to rent, learn the basics about a rent agreement. Read the terms and conditions that could possibly come your way and be ready to counter question the landlord. Are you ready to rent in case you find the lease faulty. Being a well-read tenant can work for your own good. To know more about a rent agreement, read here.

Make the first move

So are you ready to make the big move? While finding a property for rent is one challenging task, moving into that property is another. Packing up your things and moving into a new place, unpacking and then setting up your new abode, all of this will require your time and patience. Are you up for it? In case you plan to hire packers and movers, here are some tips for you.

Last Updated: Thu Aug 10 2017

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