All You Need to Know About Bed & Breakfast Establishments

All You Need to Know About Bed & Breakfast Establishments

All You Need to Know About Bed & Breakfast Establishments

For India is a country where guests are equal to the Gods, our country is renowned for the hospitality it offers to those who visit the country. To facilitate the guests' stay, many a household run home stay and bed & breakfast (B&B) services. This not only helps them earn good returns for renting their property but also helps the government promote tourism in India.

However, many of us may not be aware how the bed & breakfast (B&B) services are run. Let's examine how it actually works.

What is a B&B establishment?

When you let your property for overnight accommodations, along with breakfast the arrangement would be named as B&B establishment. More like a family set up, B&B establishments are preferred by tourists for the personal services they offer. A stay at a B&B establishment is quite different from staying in a hotel, where the ambience is very formal. At a B&B establishment, you can enjoy more personalised care and attention.

The model

To offer world-class services to tourists and increase availability of accommodation, the Ministry of Tourism under its Incredible India campaign has laid certain rules for B&B establishments.

  • A B&B establishment will be inspected by the regional classification committee on the basis of the facilities and services offered.
  • The classification for Incredible India B&B will be given only to those places where the owner of the establishment is also residing in the same establishment, along with his family. The owner can let out minimum one and maximum six rooms.
  • The type of breakfast offered and the charges to be levied should be informed in advance to the visitors to avoid any future dispute.
  • The classification is valid for two years and for re-classification, the application has to be submitted three months in advance, before the expiry of the last classification.
  • All the cases of classification would be finalised within 30 days of the application submitted.
  • If any changes are made in the B&B establishment, the owner has to inform the regional director within 30 days.
Last Updated: Fri Jul 15 2016

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