Renting A Property? Follow This Guide To Ensure You Get A Dream Landlord

Renting A Property? Follow This Guide To Ensure You Get A Dream Landlord

Renting A Property? Follow This Guide To Ensure You Get A Dream Landlord

For those looking for a rented property, one of the most important criteria of selecting a property is to have a good landlord. Apart from how viable the property is, no one wants a landlord who is nosy, not helpful and gets into unnecessary arguments. Though this is a general perception about landlords, not all landlords are rude.
MakaaniQ gives you an easy guide to find out just what kind of a landlord you have:
Equal contributor to the renting process

While renting the property, see if the landlord is equally participating in the paperwork. This participation ensures that the process is smooth and error-free. This would include him providing all the required details, helping you about the property, is transparent about the positives and negatives about the property.
Help you with moving-in information

Moving in from a different city and unfamiliar with the locality? A good landlord would know and help you with moving-in services. For instance, he could tell you more about the neighbourhood like from buy everyday stuff, the nearest bus stop, Metro station; and also, share emergency numbers which you might need in the first few days of settling in, including that of a plumber, gas connection, internet services, and even the RWA number. These little gestures would ensure that you get familiar with the surrounding and have someone to fall back upon in case of need.
Provide you with basic utilities in the first few days

This can be a thoughtful gesture by a landlord. He would provide you with basic utilities that could suffice your need for initial few days. This may include toiletries, towels, meals for the first day, or even bedding, among others. This would help you feel at home and will give you sufficient time to unpack.
May forgive late payment, at times

Missed paying your rent in time due to delay in salary or an emergency expenditure? A good landlord would understand your situation and let you pay the rent a little later in the month. But, make sure you don't make it practice of delay in paying the rent or else, you would be in the bad books of the landlord and he may start charging you penalty.
Fix and repair immediately

Wear and tear are bound to happen. Plumbing issues, electrical issues, or a chipped wall, among others can occur anytime. A good landlord is always proactive to respond to such errors. The moment you tell them about such an issue they would call for the person who could repair and ensure that you do not face any problem. Here's how a landlord can maintain their property.
Allowing online mode of rent payment

Not many of us are cash-friendly. With different modes of payment, including online and mobile, we prefer going cashless. A good landlord will give you an option of transferring the money into his account online or through cheque. The cashless payment would make the transaction smooth and easy for you as well as the landlord.
Allow re-renting the property

While in India property can only be rented for 11 months, in case you plan to live for a longer period and share this with you landlord, a good landlord would let you re-rent property. He may or may not raise the rent depending on the market trend, but surely bring you back on board.

Last Updated: Fri Nov 11 2016

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