7 Ways To Keep Your Landlord In Good Humour

7 Ways To Keep Your Landlord In Good Humour

7 Ways To Keep Your Landlord In Good Humour

From dropping surprise visits to having an upper hand in the rental process, landlords often tend to channel a lot of their energy in getting involved with the tenant's business. That may be important to an extent, to ensure the property remains in good shape. But you sometimes feel irritated by frequent interference. Who likes to be mistreated as a tenant anyway?

MakaanIQ tells you how you can be a good tenant and keep the nagging landlord at an arm's length, without offending him.

Read the tenancy agreement

Read the tenancy agreement properly before you sign it, as it is a binding legal contract. It will help you catch potential problems before they translate into differences. The agreement creates a symbiotic relationship between you and your landlord. Don't conceal anything from your landlord. For example, if you know that your family member or friend will visit you regularly, be clear about it and inform the landlord.

Keep a copy of the agreement as soon as you sign it, as it will help you avoid any issues related to your tenant rights in future.

Say what you do, do what you say

A landlord likes a tenant who keeps his word and who morally chooses to do the right thing. You shouldn't lie to your landlord about frivolous issues like mailing the monthly rent, why the cheque bounced or what happened to the television.

As a tenant, your credibility is very critical and the last thing you would want is to lose your landlord's faith in you.

Make rent payments on time

This is something that goes without saying, nothing makes a landlord happier than a tenant who pays monthly rent on time.

Don't wait for the so-called grace period, and make sure that you have deposited the cheque in the drop box a few days before the due date, to avoid bank hiccups.  

Act responsibly

Great tenants not only pay the rent timely but also trim the grass, pull out the weeds, change lights and bulbs and take complete care of the rented house on a regular basis. Inform your landlord about the potential issues that require his attention urgently. If you get them fixed, get a copy of the receipt so that you can get the money reimbursed. 

Treat your rental space as your own

Maintaining your rental space and taking good care of it will ensure that you get your security deposit back when you leave the place. While normal wear and tear is fine, do not cause any major and unexpected damage to the property.

Keep your rental property clean, as landlords hate it when they see their property being mishandled.

Be a good neighbour

Being good to your neighbours has multiple pluses. You can help each other in multiple ways; they can receive your parcels, for example. Most importantly, if you are good to your neighbours, the chances of your neighbour escalating a problem to your landlord are low.

Act like a grown‚Äďup

You are old enough to lease a rental property in your name and enter into a legal contract. This decision shows that you are responsible for your own actions and don't blame others for what you are on the hook for. Avoid putting up excuses like 'I lost my job', 'my wife left me' or 'my dog died' for covering up delayed payments. Don't bother your landlord with unnecessary details of your life.

Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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