7 Tips To Turn Your Property Into A Welcoming Homestay

7 Tips To Turn Your Property Into A Welcoming Homestay

7 Tips To Turn Your Property Into A Welcoming Homestay

Homestays are a fast-picking phenomenon in the tourism industry with tourists preferring to live with the locals. While homestays offer the tourists an authentic flavour of the city they are visiting, these are a cheaper accommodation when compared to hotels.

In fact this growing demand for homestays triggered the Central government to announce tax exemptions in April last year for homestay providers in India. Moreover, the process of getting a license is eased too. According to a report, homestays in India make up for the shortage of 1,90,000 hotel rooms across the country.

So, if you are up for turning your property into a homestay, here are some tips you should follow:

Stay authentic

One of the key reasons tourists opt for homestays is because these are authentic, providing a real experience of the city they are visiting. Homestays are known to provide what it would feel like to live in a home of the city offering authentic food, culture and living style. So, deck up the property with authentic artifacts and furniture; keep the menu as local as possible and ensure it is homemade; and if you and your family is staying in the same property, encourage the guests to have meals with you. Make them feel at home, away from home.

Don't forget modern amenities

While you provide them with the taste of the city, do not forget to provide them with a comfortable stay. Equip your property with modern-day amenities including sanitaryware, kitchen equipment, kettles, refrigerator, Internet access, among others.

Ensure hygiene

This is one of the most important aspects of being on the top of the list of tourists. A hygienic space is a complete deal maker. Ensure that you hire a permanent domestic help who cleans the property time-to-time. Moreover, give the property a complete deep clean once a month. With many visitors, the property tends to face hygiene issues.

Make rules and keep a guide

This is important to ensure that the visitors have a pleasant stay and you don't have to monitor them. So, create a set of rules and guidelines of staying in the property. Make sure you have multiple copies that you keep at your desk and also, in rooms where the guests would stay. Make sure you give them a tour of these rules while they look at the property. You could also add on how to use certain appliances you provide them with. Make sure you make these guidelines in three to four international languages for the visitors of different nationalities to read and comprehend. You could pick English, Chinese, French and German.


One of the most striking features of a homestay is the customised services for the visitors. So, give them services like food and other services as per their choice. You could give them a choice of menu for the day and let them take a pick. Help them with cabs to go around, or at home local services, too.

Remove valuables

In case you are living in the same property, remove the valuables from the rooms where the visitors would stay. This could include jewellery, expensive artifacts, authentic cutlery or even clothing. There is no way you could check the guests' bags in case something goes missing. Hence, keep all your valuables safely with you.

Be visible

With everyone going online, it is time to make your property more visible. Make sure you take plenty of pictures of the property, the view and the amenities you would provide. Upload these along with the property description, share how far the property is from the nearest airport and railway station, the closest tourist spot, special services you would offer among others. The more interesting the property description and elaborate images, the more the chances of getting visible. 

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Last Updated: Wed May 31 2017

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