7 Amenities Tenants Look For In A Rented Apartment

7 Amenities Tenants Look For In A Rented Apartment

7 Amenities Tenants Look For In A Rented Apartment

Not just a well-constructed property with a seamless supply of utilities, potential tenants are looking for more in your rental accommodation. Some new-age additions can help you raise the value of your rental property and even ask for a higher rent, too. It is time to give your tenants what they really want. MakaaniQ lists seven amenities that tenants look for in a rented accommodation nowadays:


Not just how well the property is constructed, how well it is located plays a critical role. This includes, easy navigation in the locality, transport and social infrastructure in proximity, and safety and security when outdoors. A tenant looks for all of this even if the stay is temporary. The locality should be walkable.

Parking space

Having a parking space is considered to be a luxury especially in neighbourhoods that host builder floors. While families living in one structure are many, the space in the basement or even outside the property is not enough to accommodate cars considering that an average household is likely to have at least one vehicle. Hence, a rented accommodation that allows you to have a dedicated parking space is a prerequisite for many tenants. Hence, ensure a parking space and a little high rent when compared to neighbouring properties would not be questioned.

Walk-in closets

A space dedicated to store clothes, shoes and other belongings is something many tenants ask for. A walk-in closet that acts as a space to store all your belongings making the property look clean and clutter free is a plus for tenants these days. Moreover, the walk-in closet adds to the luxury of the property, making your rental property a hit among tenants and also, buyers in case you plan to sell the property.

Smart home

For all the young-age tenants, love towards smart gadgets is a given. In case your locality hosts many young professionals as tenants or homebuyers, it is time to upgrade. Begin with the basics. Equip your property with smart lock system, automated windows and other upgrades. Even a smart lock system can upgrade your property and make it stand out.

Pet policies

Flexible pet policies can help you have a wide range of tenants wanting to rent out your property. Nowadays having a pet has become a choice for many. Give your tenants the freedom to have a pet they would love. But, when you do ensure that your property is pet-friendly.

Outdoor space

A space more than what is enclosed in the four walls is a luxury. Create a small outdoor space -- garden or a balcony -- the tenant will be more than delighted to pay a little more than what the neighbours are asking for.


Not everyone invests in appliances especially when they are moving homes after every few months. For instance, if you are leasing out to singles, students, or young couples, providing them with basic appliances can be a plus. This saves them from investing in expensive appliances. You could ask for a little more rent and let them use these appliances during their stay.

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Last Updated: Fri Aug 25 2017

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