6 Mistakes First-Time Renters Make

6 Mistakes First-Time Renters Make

6 Mistakes First-Time Renters Make

Shaina Agarwal moved from Jaipur to Delhi to pursue her Doctorate from a reputed university in the capital. Coming from a city where homes are far more spacious than homes in the capital, the 27-year-old was used to living in them and hence, rented out a spacious apartment. While she thought she could accommodate a friend or two later and share the rent, things didn't go as planned and hence, the burden of the entire rent came on her. Only earning a handful, things got difficult for her in six months and she planned to move out. Another issue: the rent lease signed was for 11 months.

Agarwal was in a fix.

This is one of the common mistakes first-time renters make.

Signed that lease way too quickly

Well, too excited to move into your new accommodation that you forgot to read through the terms and conditions of the lease and just signed the dotted line? It could call for a trouble or get you into a situation where you might have to give in. For instance, what if the landlord has taken all the amenity charges as separate from the rent including bills, parking among others and also, wants you to pay the maintenance charges of the housing society? A landlord would mention that in the lease, it is for you to read.

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Not drawing the line between need and want

Agarwal's case would fall under this category. At times we cannot draw a line between what we want and we really need. Agarwal actually didn't need that big an apartment to live alone in. Just because she was used to spacious homes that she planned to pay a higher rent to live in that apartment and pay higher for its maintenance, too.

Not inspecting the property properly

Being a first-time renter, you might not be aware of the things that you need to check and inspect before you decide to rent the property. Many of the renters miss on checking on the most important things including doors, windows, the working condition of utilities, will the property will be rented furnished or semi-furnished, leakage, among others.

Missed taking pictures

This might sound weird, but you should always take pictures of the property right at the moment you move in. In case you miss on doing so, any damage to the property which was there even before you moved in could fall back on you. What if your landlord didn't agree that the glass of the kitchen window was not broken already rather says that you did it and asks for compensation. Take pictures of areas you think are damaged and need repair.

Took utilities for granted

It is winter season and you moved it but your landlord didn't get a geyser installed for you, he says you never asked for it. You are in trouble. Always check with the landlord before you move in about the utilities he will provide you and the ones you have to pay for.

Didn't make your checklist

This could double up your work. Make checklists. Be it your things you need to move, things you would need there, questions you need to ask the landlord if any, checklist of the things you would immediately need after moving in, among others. Without a checklist, you are sure to miss out on things.

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Last Updated: Thu Jun 08 2017

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