5 Ways To Add Colour To Your Rented House

5 Ways To Add Colour To Your Rented House

5 Ways To Add Colour To Your Rented House

Living in a rental property comes with a lot of restrictions and one of them is not being able to paint the walls according to your taste.

So, if you are someone who loves colours in your home but, live in a rented accommodation, MakaaniQ lists ways in which you could bring colours to your home and joy to your life.

Art attack

art attack(Dreamstime)

Love the good old classics or the modern-day quirk, paintings and posters are one of the best ways to add colour to your home. While the classics can give your home a vintage look, the quirky bring home to life. So, if you are a laid back or a die-hard romantic, opt for the classics but if you are a free-spirited youngster, then quirk it up. To make a bolder statement, you could go for oversized paintings, too.

Up and bright


Another temporary way to add colours to your home is to have bright upholstery. Use of a colour scheme that could bring together all the happy colours including yellow, red, green, and blue. You could mix these colours across your furnishings including curtains, cushions, and even, bed covers. These colours would bring a splash of freshness to every room in limited degrees.

Colour on the floor


How about walking on colours? Bring home lively rugs to add a dash of colours to your home. A home with minimal wooden furniture and neutral furnishings coupled with bright rugs looks spacious and vibrant. These rugs can also double up as wall hangings.

Bring home nature


The best way to add colours to your home is by adding plants and flowers. Use the window sills and even empty corners of your home to keep indoor plants that have flowers, too. For your kitchen sill, you could also have a small kitchen garden where you could grow herbs. Unable to take care of natural plants? Don't worry, if you still love the greens replace them with some artificial plants.

Mix em' up


Living in a rental apartment you wouldn't be investing too much in expensive furniture. Well, you don't have to when the cheaper form comes in wide variety of colours. How about giving your dining table a colourful twist? Opt for folding plastic chairs and pick one of each colour. Add blue, yellow, red, orange, green, whatever colour you love. Pair these chair with foldable white table and see how your home becomes vibrant.

Last Updated: Tue Oct 03 2017

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