5 Tips To Pick The 'Right' Among Multiple Rental Options

5 Tips To Pick The 'Right' Among Multiple Rental Options

5 Tips To Pick The 'Right' Among Multiple Rental Options

If you are planning to move to a new city and are on a lookout for a new rental home, your first move would be to raise a request on an online real estate site. And, then comes the most tricky situation, selecting from the many options that flood your mailbox. While you would choose a handful from the list, the actual task begins when you have to zero down to one.
MakaaniQ lists five tips that would help you pick the right option among the many:
Location is first
The first deciding factor should be the location of the property. Get a fair idea, using Google Maps in case you are in a different city, of how far the locality is from your workplace or educational institution. You could pick the one that is closest to your place. Also, you could check how far are the other key localities of the city.
Fits your budget
Have you set a budget for your rented accommodation? Then make sure you strike through the ones that do not fit your budget. But, also ensure that your monthly budget doesn't get affected in the process of you saving on the rent. It is better to rent a property that helps you save on your commuting cost.
A home away from home
How about renting a property by looking at which you could imagine how you would decorate it and make it a home away from home? Does it have a balcony which you love? Or, has large windows offering you a nice view? Or designed in a way which is similar to your home? Well, all these personal touches could let you transform the accommodation into your home instantly --- a place you would want to come back to and relax after a tiring day.
Proximity to public transport and infrastructure
A large fraction of our monthly budget is spent on transportation, after the rent. This can rise in case to reach the nearest Metro station or bus stop you have to take another transport like a rickshaw or an e-rickshaw. In fact, these modes can cost you more than the actual one. So, prefer a location that has a public transport stop at a walking distance. Another key area is the proximity to stores where you buy your daily supplies.
Safety & security
Living alone or with a family, safety is of utmost importance when renting a property. Check with the landlord all the safety and security services offered in the locality. In the case of a housing society, check how many security guards man the housing complex or if security cameras are in place. Make sure the neighbours are not nosy but vigil. On the other hand, if it's a row house property, check how well the house as well as the lane is equipped with security cameras or does the lane has gates at both the ends. Also, check if they have a permanent security guard.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 22 2016

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