5 Economical Ways To Enhance Your Rental Property

5 Economical Ways To Enhance Your Rental Property

5 Economical Ways To Enhance Your Rental Property
MakaanIQ lists five quick on-budget ways in which you could enhance your rental property and get a rent it deserves. (Dreamstime)

A well-maintained and updated property is always a better pick for anyone looking for a rented property. So, if you are looking to let out your property, it is good for you to invest time and money in renovating it, so that it matches the expectations of the prospective tenant.

MakaanIQ lists five quick on-budget ways to enhance your property and get a good rent on it:

Impressive outdoors


Adding a few plants and flowers can simply enhance the look of your house. Hibiscus and roses are some of the common and easy-to-grow plants that you could have on the outdoors. The colour of their flowers adds to the beauty of your house. You could also plant night jasmine, which smells good and needs moderate watering and indirect light to grow.

Well-painted walls


It is essential that you give a well-painted home to your tenants. A coat of paint can add to the aesthetics of your home, giving it a brand new look. Make sure you don't go overboard with the colours you choose. Opt for light and pastel shades that fit well with any kind of furniture and furnishing the tenant brings in.

Upgraded kitchen


Kitchen is the most important part of any home. So, it is essential that you upgrade it to meet all needs of the tenant. You should use the latest knobs and handles. This will enhance the look of your kitchen. Tiling is another cost-effective but eye-pleasing way to upgrade the kitchen.

Elegant light fixtures


Fixing elegant light fixtures not only brightens your home but also adds to the look. Make sure that the fixtures you choose go well with the overall make-up of your house. If you are opting for brass lighting, change the handles of the doors and windows accordingly.

Enhanced bathroom


Enhance the look of your bathroom by ensuring that latest fixtures, including faucets, shower and cabinets, are installed. Efficient fixtures also help save water.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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