5 Common Problems Every Tenant Faces

5 Common Problems Every Tenant Faces

5 Common Problems Every Tenant Faces

Living in a rented home, you have to make certain compromises. From making a cut in your pocket to approving the size of the home that you may want, there are multiple adjustments that you make. The tiny kitchen or the plain walls may be bigger concerns for you while you live on rent. But, be positive there is a solution for every trouble that you face. Here are some common home issues that you will face in a rented home and how you can resolve them:

Can't mark it as your own space

You may not be able to change the colour of the wall or the structure of the home. But, there are other ways by which you can make a mark in your home. Add the personal touch by designing and decorating the interior of your home. Add some posters with positive messages to feel good at home.

Kitchen is not upto the mark

In a rented home, the kitchen could be one of the least liked areas. Either there will not be enough storage space or the broken and cracked tiles make for a huge eyesore. By taking simple measures and adding some interesting storage pieces could help you overcome the storage issue. Hide those cracked tiles with a wallpaper or chalk board. Keep bright-coloured storage containers or baskets to make it look more lively.

Not a spacious bathroom

The bathrooms in a rented apartment are one of the most used spaces and plans to renovate it could be a pricey affair. Add storage in the form of shower caddies or wall-mounted shelves. This can help you keep your toiletries handy and in one place. If you can't re-paint the walls or change the tiles, then add colours by hanging window curtains in bright hues.

White walls are not your thing

If white walls are boring for you, then there are several ideas using which can bring newness to them. There are several wall-decorating ideas for renters that you can adopt to change the look of your walls.

Not enough outdoor space

It is rare that you get a yard in a rented apartment. Moreover, if you have a small balcony, it is difficult to make an optimum use of it. There are different ways by which you can turn your small balcony space into an exotic spot.

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