4 Ways To Stand Out Among Other Eligible Tenants  

4 Ways To Stand Out Among Other Eligible Tenants  

4 Ways To Stand Out Among Other Eligible Tenants   

Planning to rent a property but the one you like has a lot of potential bidders? Worry not. There are certain ways in which you could stand out among the other eligible tenants. MakaaniQ lists the ways in which you could grab the landlord's attention and win the race of being the rightful tenant:

Have your paperwork ready

While renting a property, the landlord would want to know how financially secure you are and also about your work or place of education and your background. Keep all the required documents in place to ensure that the landlord is satisfied with your profile and sees no loophole in the information shared by you. This would instill confidence in your landlord and help you get the deal.

Recommendation letters, a must

To speed up the process while establishing your credibility at the same time, have with you recommendation letters. These letters by your employer or a former landlord are a sign of healthy financial flow and your good conduct.

Make an impression

A well-mannered person will always stand out, even in the crowd. So, make sure you are well-dressed when you meet the landlord, talk to him to understand what he expects from you as a tenant. 

Offer for an advance payment of rent

If you think that you have enough finances, suggest an advance payment of rent for initial two or three months. This would make the landlord interested for the money that would flow in and would also show your financial strength to pay the rent regularly.

Last Updated: Mon Oct 23 2017

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