3 Ways To Ensure Your Security Deposit Comes Back To You

3 Ways To Ensure Your Security Deposit Comes Back To You

3 Ways To Ensure Your Security Deposit Comes Back To You

No, it is not just packing up well and leaving the place neat and clean. No, just broom cleaning home wouldn't do, too. Receiving the security deposit as it is at the end of your rent tenure is what most landlords look forward to. Many of us are careful of not damaging the property in a way that we may end up losing the deposit.

It is rare that a tenant receives 100 per cent of his security back once his rental tenure is over or is moving out of the property. MakaaniQ shares three ways in which you could ensure that your security deposit comes back to you at the end of your rental tenure:

Spic and span

Not just broom cleaning, leave the home spic and span like a new penny. While broom cleaning means you will just clean up the flooring and dust it off. Go a step ahead, give the property a complete vacuum cleaning once you have packed everything of yours and are all set to make a move. You could also clean up the insides of appliances that were provided by the landlord to you for use. Looking at the final result might impress the landlord and make him willing of returning you the complete security deposit.

Working condition

Check the functioning of everything that is not yours on the property. For instance, appliances, doors, windows, sanitaryware and other kitchenware, should all be in a working condition. If any of these are not working properly, get them repaired before you say your final goodbye to the landlord.

Proof it

For those whose landlord live far off and cannot come to say goodbye to you in person, send them the pictures of how you are leaving the property. Moreover, you could also take them on a video tour and impress them. Here you make some brownie points and also, a possibility of getting all your security deposit back.

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Last Updated: Thu Jul 27 2017

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