What Is Temporary Housing?

What Is Temporary Housing?

What Is Temporary Housing?

Are you looking for a temporary housing option for a five- or six-month stay? It will be difficult for you to find a regular rented apartment for this short a time period as these are generally bound by a rent agreement, which requires a minimum stay of at least 11 months. So, what could be your options?

Serviced apartments

Such apartments have become a common site across major cities of the country. Also known as extended-stay hotels, these living spaces offer you a hybrid of a home and a hotel. While the apartment is well-equipped with basic amenities like a kitchen and bathroom, the services offered by the project these apartments are in include laundry, fitness centres and other room services. These apartments are available for short and long-term stay.

Corporate housing

Largely, organisations always lease some apartments across cities which can be used to temporarily accommodate employees that travel or those shifting cities. Look for such accommodations, or check with your company HR for an accommodation your organisation has. These apartments will cost you half the price you would pay at a hotel for the same duration. Look for more discount if it's your organisation's accommodation. Typically, these apartments provide you with all the basic amenities a home has.

Private apartments

In India, we also see the concept of builder floors, where developers buy the property from the owners, builds it and then gives a floor to the owner. In such a case, developers take care of the accommodation for the owner till the time property is completed and ready to move in. The developer shifts them to a regular rented apartment and pays for it, too.

Last Updated: Fri Apr 26 2019

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