PMAY-Grameen: West Bengal Leads The Way With 13.84 Lakh Completed Units

PMAY-Grameen: West Bengal Leads The Way With 13.84 Lakh Completed Units

PMAY-Grameen: West Bengal Leads The Way With 13.84 Lakh Completed Units

The progress of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana–Grameen (PMAY-G) has picked up pace. So far, 1.54 crore units have been completed in the first phase. In the second phase (2019-22), 1.95 crore units are proposed to be constructed. Here are some of the top developments in the states, with respect to the 'Housing For All' mission for the rural poor.


PMAY: Leading states

As per the official records, West Bengal (13,84,550 units), Madhya Pradesh (13,68,443 units), Uttar Pradesh (12,48,622 units) and Bihar (10,27,250 units) are amongst the top states, to have completed the largest share of PMAY-G units.


Technology makes its mark

The target of 1.95 crore homes is possible, given that technological intervention is being considered. It has been observed that the average number of days for completion of units, has come down from 314 days in 2015-16 to a mere 114 days in 2017-18, as the finance minister laid down in her Budget 2019 speech.


Madhya Pradesh returns target

Madhya Pradesh has returned 2.32 lakh PMAY units out of 8.32 lakh. According to an official, the state is not in a position to construct all the units that were sanctioned under the Annual Action Plan. Madhya Pradesh is the first state to do so, even though in terms of construction, so far, 13 lakh units have been completed since 2016.


Priority for victims of cyclone Fani

The Odisha government has declared that victims of cyclone Fani, should be provided homes under the scheme and has asked the Block Development Officers (BDOs) to identify such families. About 3.89 lakh homes have been sanctioned, as proposed by the state. One of the prerequisites, is to record family details and geo-tag the damaged homes through Awaas+, which is the app developed by the Union Ministry of Rural Development.


Priority for victims of flood

The housing ministry has sent a proposal to the Chief Minister's Office (CMO) to provide homes to flood-affected families in western Maharashtra, where over four lakh people have displaced in a week’s time. Areas in Kolhapur and Sangli are among the worst-affected places. 




Last Updated: Tue Aug 13 2019

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