Pasona Group's Office In Tokyo Is An Urban Farm Amid Neon Lights

Pasona Group's Office In Tokyo Is An Urban Farm Amid Neon Lights

Pasona Group's Office In Tokyo Is An Urban Farm Amid Neon Lights

Walking down the streets of a modern-day city amid bright lights, buses, cars and many people, you would not in your wildest dreams think of coming across a building that looks like a vertical farm. But, it is a reality in Japan's capital Tokyo. In the city that houses the offices of many global and Japanese corporates stands the corporate office of Pasona Group, termed an urban farm. The group, which is Japan's largest staffing and talent agency, offers a workspace that we all would long to be at and mostly because of its green foliage that brings us closer to the nature amid everything that is mechanical.

MakaaniQ shares some interesting architectural features of this building:

  • A nine-storey high structure, the building is spread across an area of 215,000 sq ft. The new structure was a renovation plan that consisted of a double-skinned green facade, offices, an auditorium, cafeterias, a rooftop garden and urban farming facilities within the building.

An employee harvests vegetables grown under Hybrid Electrode Fluroescent Lamps inside of an office of Pasona Group in Tokyo(ulicaekologiczna.pl)

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  • The urban farm within the structure covers an area of 43,000 sq ft, and houses more than 200 species of fruits, vegetables and rice varieties. All this is harvested within the building and used to prepare food at the cafeterias here. This is touted as the country's largest and most direct farm-to-table concept.

urban farm Pason Group(stemgarden.eu)

  • The farming done here includes both hydroponic and soil-based, where the crops and workers share the same space. Think about an office where your workstations are divided by a wall growing different fruits and vegetables. Or how about conference rooms where tomato vines hang in the center? For automatic irrigation of crops, HEFL (Hybrid Electrode Fluorescent Lamp), fluorescent and LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) lamps are installed along with intelligent climate control that monitors the humidity, the temperature, and the breeze to balance the human and crop need during office hours. After work hours, these systems are solely customised for crops for better yield.

pasona Group Urban Farm(pasona-nouentai.co.jp)

  • Not just the indoors, the outdoors of this structure are an equal contributor to the harvest. Many seasonal fruits and flowers varieties are grown on the double-skinned façade as they can best grow in the outside environment that is apt for them. Moreover, while these colourful flowers grow, they keep on adding to the beauty of the structure.

pasona exterior(glamour-stylish-life)

  • Apart from the aesthetics, this office is a unique workplace, too, giving the workers a natural and healthy environment to work in. This helps promote better productivity and mental health apart from boosting interaction among workers and a sense of connect with a social deed.

Pasona Urban Farm(tumblr)

Last Updated: Mon Jan 02 2017

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