Not Just Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Offices Are In Vogue, Too

Not Just Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Offices Are In Vogue, Too

Not Just Sustainable Homes, Sustainable Offices Are In Vogue, Too

Commercial structures are now implementing various ways in which they could conserve energy. Commercial structures today are built with an aim to protect the environment.

We list here five such offices that have set a benchmark in this area:

The Shanghai Tower, Shanghai

Shanghai Towers(Wikimedia)

Standing tall at 632 metres, The Shanghai Tower is claimed to be the world's greenest skyscraper. A platinum LEED-rated structure, this 121-storey commercial building housing offices, retail and hotel spaces. More than 10 per cent of the energy generated for this structure comes from 200 wind turbines. The structure also has the provision of collecting and using rainwater. The structure is made of double-layered glass for natural cooling and ventilation through nine plant-filled “sky lobbies”. Not just this, The Shanghai Tower uses as many as 40 different energy saving methods that claim to cut 34,000 metric tonnes from its annual carbon footprints.

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The Sun-Moon Mansion, Dezhou

Sun Moon Mansion(architizercdn)

The company that is among the biggest manufacturers of solar thermal heaters in the world could not have built its headquarters in a better way. The corporate office of Himin Group, which looks like a sundial, is spread over an area of 750,000 sq mt with 50,000 square feet of solar panelling. It uses more than 30 advanced technologies, including photovoltaic grid-connected power generation, photo-electricity sun-shades, northern grilling sun-shades, among others. These boost the energy-saving efficiencies of the structure by 88 per cent. These measures save an estimated 2.5-tonnes standard coal, 6.6 million kWh of electricity and more than 8.6 tonne in toxic emissions.

Autodesk's Spear Tower, San Francisco

Autodesk Spear Towers(AutoDesk)

An office of a 3D design company, this minimal space is all about functionality and keeping the workforce active. The office is spread across an area of 71,000 sq mts, and holds a platinum LEED rating. The ceiling of this office is made of reclaimed wood, has a living wall, and treadmills that have inbuilt desks to keep the staff active.

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The Bullitt Centre, Seattle

Bullitt Centre(aiatopten.org)

Constructed to be the greenest commercial building in the world, the building is covered with rooftop solar collectors. This helps in producing 230,000 kWh of electricity every year. Another technology that this structure uses helps saving water. The technology is that the toilets here use foam flush that uses less than a cup of water per flush, as against 4.8 litres of water for a regular flush. It also has a rainwater collection system that is stored in a 56,000-gallon cistern that also filters and disinfects it.

The Edge, Amsterdam

The Edge

Termed as one of the smartest office buildings in the world, The Edge also holds the highest ­sustainability score ever 98.4 per cent awarded by British rating agency BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). This structure is headquarters of Deloitte. The methods that make it green and smart include flush systems that use harvested rainwater. This water is also used for gardens, too. Every worker can regulate temperature and light in their area by using a smartphone app. It has 800 solar panels, 6,800 LED lights, and heating and cooling is done using an aquifer thermal energy storage system.

Last Updated: Thu Jan 12 2017

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