How to find a good commercial real estate agent?

How to find a good commercial real estate agent?

How to find a good commercial real estate agent?

Looking to buy, rent or sell a commercial property? Chances of involving a real estate agent/broker are quite high whether you use online or offline mode. A real estate agent/broker’s focused task is to seek out the best possible deal for the client. He/she assess the requirements and budget of the client and provides a number of potential deals. He/she takes care of finalizing the deal and in return demands a commission as the fees. However, finding a good commercial real estate agent is even trickier as compared to finding a good real estate agent for residential property. Below are a few pointers that will help you while looking for a commercial real estate agent.

Look for an investor: While looking for commercial real estate agent, opt for a professional who himself is an investor and invests in commercial properties. Such a person not only has theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge and personal experience.

Mediocre charges: Do not select a commercial real estate agent on the basis of the price he/she demands. Low charges are always attractive but when investing in commercial property that is not your priority. Look at the quality of deals that an agent has secured under his banner in the past and based on that choose an agent that offers mediocre charges for his services.

Check references: You can check references in two ways. The first one is that you can ask your known residential real estate agents for references of commercial real estate agents and then you can shortlist among them. Another way is that if you are confused between two or more commercial real estate agents then you can ask those agents for references of the people for whom they have closed the deals in the past. The commercial real estate agent who provides you with more references and for whom you get positive feedback, choose him/her for helping in your investment.

In the real estate industry, you will find many real estate agents dealing in commercial property. However, there are only a few experienced commercial real estate agents out there; therefore, make sure that you fall in the hands of the right person and do not end up losing the hard earned money.

Last Updated: Thu Apr 04 2013

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