Home Décor Trends That Will Rule 2017

Home Décor Trends That Will Rule 2017

Home Décor Trends That Will Rule 2017

Each year bring something new in the world of home décor. And, those who want to keep their home décor updated do not want to miss out on the new trends. Wondering what would be the décor themes that would rule the coming year?

Here is your clue.

Dark is in


If you speak to an interior designer, he is sure to tell you to go for lighter hues; this would make the space in your home look bigger and brighter. However, this stereotypes will not be in when the new year knocks. The year 2017 would be a year of dark hues. If you have a thing for vintage and gothic look, experiment with dark colours, be it the wall paint or other things. Using candles and statement lighting fixtures would add to the beauty of the whole theme.

Nature to lead the way

Floral room(Dreamstime)

Nature is going to overpower the homes both in terms of material used as well as in prints. While wood with a raw look will be prominently seen across furniture range, upholstery and furnishing fabrics in the organic form will be prevalent. Moreover, floral prints, or prints depicting other forms of the mother nature will be visible in furnishings as well as wallpapers.

The 'Retro'-spective mode



Many trends that were prevalent in 1950s, 60s and 70s are making a comeback, with a touch of modernity. One of the prominent ones are matte-coloured kitchens, checkered flooring, and Chintz fabric. Bring home a hint of these retro trends if you have a quirky design sense.

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Year of statements

Statement bed headboard(Dreamstime)

While minimal has been the thing in 2016, it's time to make a statement in 2017. Statement furniture pieces, especially headboards, will lead the show. Patterned or textured, these will be designed in leather and velvet to give a classy and rich look.

Prove your metal

Metallic furniture(Dreamstime)

Metallic motifs will be used to add to the beauty of luxurious furniture that will be a hit next year. These would include metallic nails in copper of gold and metallic handles. So, go on, find those small furniture pieces you wanted to add to your living room, and invest in the ones with these metallic embellishments.

It matte-rs

matte appliances(goemans.com)

Matte has been and will continue to rule the colour palette. The matte finish will be seen across products that we have been used to seeing in a glossy finish. For instance, appliances, that we have been so used to seeing in the shiny look will be replaced by matte finishes, that will fit perfectly with your bold and matte kitchen cabinets.

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Play with marble

marble table top(Dreamstime)

Marble will make a big comeback in 2017. Not just flooring, but you will see a lot of marble in furniture. For instance, table tops, blocks in between wooden carvings of chairs and tables, among others. If not marble, the pattern will be visible across wallpapers, carpets and fabrics. Moreover, it will be rocking the design world in various colours, especially, white, black and off-white.

Last Updated: Tue Jan 03 2017

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