Update: Here's Why Zuckerberg's AI-Powered Home Is For Real

Update: Here's Why Zuckerberg's AI-Powered Home Is For Real

Update: Here's Why Zuckerberg's AI-Powered Home Is For Real

Updated on December 21, 2016

Finally it's here! Mark Zuckerberg a few hours ago released a video showcasing his all new Artificial Intelligence system called Jarvis. He showcased what this new system could do ranging from making a toast, setting up a video call, identifying visitors and keeping a tab on his daughter, Max. Zuckerberg is also looking for more ideas on things he could do using this system that takes both voice and message instructions.

Here is a video titled, "After a year of coding, here's Jarvis":


Excited like a child who wants to show off his new game, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to see his new Artificial Intelligence or AI-powered home, which he is set to unveil this month. Terming it as "kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man", the home will be operated using technology that is trained to perform the task like a human. Developed by the engineers at Facebook, his new home can learn, reason and even, self-correct. 

With this technology, Zuckerberg will be able to operate his home using only his voice instructions — not even his wife's. "I can control the temperature — much to the chagrin of my wife, who now cannot control the temperature because it is programmed to only listen to my voice," Zuckerberg quipped as he shared more about his home at a live Facebook town hall Q&A session from Rome. The technology would control his home, including lighting, temperature, appliances, safety and security, along with helping him in his professional work.

So, now that we all are as excited as Zuckerberg to see his new abode, MakaaniQ talks about AI technology in detail:

What is AI technology?

We all have witnessed technology changing the way we operate but, this has been limited to a more pre-programmed form of working and not like humans who have the power to learn and reason throughout their lives. But, now technology has been revolutionised by Artificial Intelligence, a branch of computer science where machines and even robots are designed and programmed to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, including, visual perception, speech recognition, learning, reasoning, decision-making, and even, translation between languages.

So, what all can you have in an AI-powered home:

  • Face recognition: With multiple visuals, one can make these robots learn about a face and differentiate it from others. For instance, at Zuckerberg's home, he plans to make the AI learn about his friends, recognise them by faces and let them in when they ring the doorbell.
  • Voice instructions: The AI-powered home runs on voice instructions. You can regulate lighting all across your home, temperature, operate appliances and even, ensure safety and security. Moreover, these are capable of recognising multiple voices after these are introduced to them.
  •  Reasoning & values: As a user you could make the AI device understand your values and make them operate based on your values and reasoning. Well, this is subjective!
  • Do daily jobs: How about sitting in a car that is driven using the AI technology? All you need to tell is the location you would want to get to. Or in the case of Zuckerberg, helping you do your professional chores, like he plans to use the technology for it to visualise data using virtual reality.
  • Follow schedule: Do you follow a daily routine and do your tasks at a given time every day? You could use AI to prepare for you as you head to your next task. For instance, if you have your breakfast at 8am every day, AI technology will prepare your breakfast at the given time. Do you move to your in-house gym at 6am every morning? Enter the gym with lighting and air conditioning on as you enter the room in the morning. 
Last Updated: Wed Dec 21 2016

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