Get Ready To Float On Zero-Energy Apartments

Get Ready To Float On Zero-Energy Apartments

Get Ready To Float On Zero-Energy Apartments

We all have heard of mixed-used developments, zero-energy buildings and floating structures. Now imagine all these concepts coming together in one structure. Tempted to live in a zero-energy apartment, part of a mixed-use development, floating on water? We say, head to Amsterdam.

An upcoming structure in the city, Sluishuis, an apartment project, will be spread over an area of 46,000 sq mt. It will feature two chamfered corners, stretching on water and an opening to a courtyard in the centre.

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What are the other things that make this structure so different?

  • This structure design comes from the house of Bjarke Ingels Group and Barcode Architects. The design unveils a tower built on Amsterdam's IJ Lake. It is designed as a gateway to Amsterdam's Ijburg, a residential neighbourhood constructed on a collection of artificial islands in Amsterdam.
  • A mixed-use property, Sluishuis will have 380 zero-energy residences, along with 4,000 square metres of commercial space. To accommodate vehicles, nearly 240 underground parking areas will be created. There will be room nearly 30 houseboats.
  • The structure is diagonally cut. This ensures that sunlight falls on every apartment facing the courtyard. The other apartments have individual terraced gardens giving the structure its own green cover. This cut also makes it look like a boat bow from one end and garden covered steps from the other.
  • The building will also have a promenade that will surround the base of the structure and further connect it to the sailing school, floating gardens, and houseboats.

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Last Updated: Thu Dec 15 2016

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