Broker's Corner: All You Need To Know About Vastu

Broker's Corner: All You Need To Know About Vastu

Broker's Corner: All You Need To Know About Vastu

Are you a broker? This is for you.

A broker always faces Vastu-related questions from their clients. Some of the brokers are well aware of these facts while many of them remain clueless.

Believe it. Vastu can help you in selling the property faster. If the property is meeting the basic principles of Vastu, you must tell them to the prospective client. It will be a plus point for you.

Property buyers are always keen to find the best points about the properties they check. They look for advantages of buying one property over the other so that they are able to compare and get the best property, a perfect home for themselves.

As a broker, you are generally the first point of contact regarding homebuyers' queries on any subject related to a property and it helps if you help them out in the best possible manner.

It leaves a lasting impression on the buyer and he is able to trust you to take an appropriate decision. So here is a quick overview of this subject.

What is Vastu?

Vastu is seen as an ancient science of architecture; it integrates architecture with nature. It provides guidelines to build a house or choose the one which makes the occupants' lives fulfilling, prosperous and joyful.

Most homebuyers are very much aware of the benefits of a good Vastu-based architecture. At the same time, they are also aware of the disadvantages and crucial results a design that is against the principles of Vastu can bring.

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Therefore, you should educate your buyer about Vastu compliance of the apartment in the best possible way.

Here is what you can share with the buyer.

Shape of the plot

Many are not aware of this aspect of Vastu. The plot on which the apartment is constructed should be square or rectangle. It brings stability in every aspect of the life of dwellers.

You should definitely inform your client about this benefit as the square or rectangular plots of the building do not just bring stability but should be given credit for dwellers prosperity and wealth.


The first thing buyers are apprehensive about while buying the property is the entrance. The entrance of the apartment is auspicious if it is in the North East or North of East, South East of South or North West of West side of the flat. If the apartment you are showing to your clients has the entrance with any of the above-said directions, do highlight this benefit.


Vastu is all about balancing the five elements of nature. Kitchen represents the fire region of the house and therefore it should be placed appropriately in South East corner of the flat. Moreover, the slab where the cooking top would be placed should be in the East direction so the cook faces the same direction.


Master bedroom should be in South, West or South-West corner of the house. Similarly, the construction of the room should be in such a way that the head board of the bed is in South or West corner of the bedroom.

Ideal direction for kids' room is West. If West is not possible, room in any direction can be allotted to kids except South or South East. If the bedrooms are located in the said directions, inform your client about that. If the bedrooms are located as per Vastu specifications, it brings peace, harmony and growth in the home.


Washrooms and toilets should be situated in the South West or South corner of the flat. This ensures that the air and ambience in the flat remain pure as the wind blows in the direction from North East to South West.

Placement of water storage tanks

The water tank is constructed or placed on the North East corner of the building. It is auspicious for two reasons. Firstly is, that sun rays reflect on this direction. Second is, that the water flowing in North, East or North-East corner brings prosperity to the resident.

Needless to say, you should check other Vastu benefits of the apartment as well, besides the above-mentioned one. You are the touch-point for any of your clients with your company. The better informed you are, the more are your chances to succeed in your selling plan.

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Last Updated: Sat Aug 29 2020

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