Bought A New Home? Here Are Some Social Media Tips For You

Bought A New Home? Here Are Some Social Media Tips For You

Bought A New Home? Here Are Some Social Media Tips For You

Sakshi Gandhi, a 33-year-old public relations professional, bought her first home in the Greater Noida area. While she was excited to have her family and friends at her new abode for the Griha Pravesh, she was equally excited to share this good news with her friends on social media. She went to social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to share some pictures of her newly bought home. But, was she doing it right? Should you go all out sharing all the details about your property on social media?

Don't bombard

Although you will have many friends, living distantly, who are waiting for you to upload the photos of your new home, there needs to be a limit of how many you share. Just because it your new abode, you cannot bombard social media feed of your friends with multiple posts and pictures about your new home. This can actually be annoying. Follow this for both Facebook and Instagram. A photo or two works best on Instagram, while you can post an album of 5-10 photos on Facebook.

Take good photos

Now that you will be posting only a few photos, make sure each one of them is worth it. If using a phone, use some photo filters for the right colours and brightness in the image. For those using camera, put to use your editing skills. How about a photo of you standing at the front door, holding the house keys? It would be a picture of a lifetime. Share some happy moments from the housewarming party and the puja.

Not just share, take inspiration

Planning to decorate your newly purchased home, but don't want to burn a hole in your pocket by hiring an interior designer? Social media can come handy here, too. Use social media apps such as Pinterest and Instagram to find some décor inspirations, DIY ideas and connect with vendors for the same. All of this can be done using social media.  

Get connected

With everyone taking on the social media to interact, make sure you connect with your neighbours on social media. Does your resident welfare association have a group on Facebook? Connect on the group and share your thoughts, become an active participant.

Create a journey

Want to give your friends décor goals or share some interesting DIY décor ideas you used at home at regular intervals? Take on the social media, create a hashtag. Use this hashtag whenever sharing a special story about your home. For those who want to take a cue now or even after days, months or year can use this hashtag to quickly find your home journey.

Last Updated: Mon Mar 12 2018

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