Bengaluru Adopts China, Milan Way To Check Pollution

Bengaluru Adopts China, Milan Way To Check Pollution

Bengaluru Adopts China, Milan Way To Check Pollution

In an attempt to make Bengaluru environment-friendly, the city is coming up with its first vertical garden. This move will help the city justify being India's Garden City.

This vertical garden is an initiative by SayTrees. The organic garden will come at Hosur Road Electronics City Flyover. The garden would comprise more than 3,500 saplings belonging to ten different species that have already been planted. An automated drip irrigation system has been installed too. All pillars of the flyover will soon be wrapped in these beautiful gardens enhancing the beauty of the region.

Significance of this move

As per World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is the fifth main reason for deaths in India, leading to around 6,20,000 premature deaths. There was a recent study showing the number of annual deaths in Delhi caused due to air pollution. The number varied from 10,000 to 30,000. It is not just Delhi, all big cities are facing problems of air pollution on account of urbanisation. Bengaluru being a favourite destination for IT and ITeS sectors and financial service companies is an attractive destination for the home buyers.

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As per a report compiled by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Bengaluru is ranked as the third cheapest city in the world to live. This further attracts home buyers to the city. This rapid movement of corporates and home buyers to the city creates pressure on the existing resources of Bengaluru. Rising number of vehicles, rampant waste burning and a dramatic loss in tree cover are some of the factors contributing to this deadly air pollution prevailing in the city.

The importance of this move would be that it will ease the situation in the city. SayTrees stated that the gardens will help in reducing urban heat island effect and smog. It will also serve as a sound-proofing barrier and would provide a healthy habitat for birds and insects.

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Along with this move, the State Government is coming in joint collaboration with the ministry of Surface Transport to construct the peripheral ring road. The monorail project and elevated corridors will reduce the level of air pollution in the vicinity. Along with this, the central government will pave way for more electric buses. This will definitely improve the livability of the region adding to the demand for residential apartments in the vicinity.

Similar structures in China, Milan, Lausanne and Switzerland

China recently got Asia's First Vertical Forest. The Nanjing Towers will have more than 3,000 plants. This number includes 1,000 trees and around 2,500 shrubs coming from 23 different local species. It is expected that this move will produce 60 kg oxygen every day. Two towers by the name Bosco Verticale are already based in Milan, Italy. Also, similar structures will be soon coming up in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Last Updated: Tue Mar 28 2017

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