All You Need to Know About Sahara's Aamby Valley Township

All You Need to Know About Sahara's Aamby Valley Township

All You Need to Know About Sahara's Aamby Valley Township

The Bombay High Court has recently been told that Mahindra Lifespace Developer and Piramal Group have shown interest in buying Sahara’s Aamby Valley. 

Earlier, following Sahara Chief Subrata Roy's inability to deposit Rs 5,000 crore of his total dues of Rs 14,000 crore to investors, the Bombay High Court had ordered for an auction of the property for a reserve price of Rs 37,392 crore. The property being auctioned included 6,761.64-acre integrated hill city development, 1,409.86-acre land surrounding Aamby Valley City Development and 321.65-acre land in adjoining Satara district of Maharashtra.

Here is all you need to know about the luxury township:

  • Created for "the love of life", the Aamby Valley township is "designed to offer superior living spaces and is "nestled amidst scenic surroundings of the mighty Sahyadris, and spans over 10,000 acres". The company website claims that Aamby Valley City "offers everything one needs for premium living".
  • We are speaking of ultra-luxury here. According to the company website, Aamby Valley is the only gated township with a private airport. On the other hand, there is a golf course spread over 250 acres. Love fine dining? The city offers you plush restaurants and "state-of-the-art recreational facilities".
  • The city has three man-made lakes and 11 other water bodies.  The planners promise you that 91 per cent of land will be kept as open spaces.
  • The city has its own power plant, "generating 500MW of power to adequately fulfill energy demands" and its own school — International School Aamby — to teach "lessons of life". There is also Aamby Valley City's hospital, to give you a "healing touch",  a health club to assist you to lead an "active life in a healthy city".
  • The city offers a three-tier "non-intrusive" security system. The elevated "perimeter walls with powered fences, electronic remote surveillance and a patrolling security force" certain make it a safe city to live in. Further, individual villas, chalets and residences are safeguarded through sensors, alarms and a watchful mobile force of security personnel.
  • In 2012, the group had informed the court that the property was worth Rs 39,000 crore. The company now says the property is worth much more. "The market valuation of Aamby Valley is above Rs 1 lakh crore. Auctioning under distress will give the bidder undue favour/benefit," a Business Standard report quoted Sahara lawyer Gautam Awasthi as saying.

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