All You Need To Know About Made-In-IIT Solar Plants

All You Need To Know About Made-In-IIT Solar Plants

All You Need To Know About Made-In-IIT Solar Plants

India is giving a massive push to clean energy systems and embracing renewables to light up the remotest areas of the country. While the electricity-generation plants can be difficult to set up here, the sun is one source of energy that reaches everyone equally. And, to harness this power of nature, students of IIT-Madras have developed such solar rooftop plants that can reach all. MakaaniQ tells you more about this thoughtful innovation by the students of IIT-Madras:

  • These rooftop plants can be installed on individual homes. The biggest positive is the space it takes. You do not need to have a spacious rooftop to install these as they are only as big as an average dining table.
  • These rooftops will help fight power cuts in remote areas and also, bring down the electricity bill by half. Think about it. Electricity 24x7 and at half the cost.
  • What is more luring is the cost of these rooftop solar plants. These cost you only Rs 20,000.
  • You can electrify the basics including tube lights, fans, charge points, and televisions.
  • You won't be able to operate a washing machine and air conditioners though.
  • The prototype of these systems was first installed during Chennai floods in 2015. The government then had sponsored 15,000 rural homes for the installation as a part of corporate social responsibility initiative.
  • According to IIT-M professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, this is an inverterless DC system. It does not convert direct current (DC) produced by a solar installation into alternate current (AC) making it cost-effective and energy-efficient. It is a fact that every time a unit of AC is converted into DC, there is a 15 per cent loss of energy making DC system 2.5 times more efficient.

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Last Updated: Mon Jun 19 2017

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