Bath-Time: How To Tile It Up To Style It Up

Bath-Time: How To Tile It Up To Style It Up

Bath-Time: How To Tile It Up To Style It Up

Tiles are considered to be one of the best options for both flooring and walls of a bathroom. Sturdy, easy-on-pocket and available in various sizes and designs, tiles can give your bathroom a look that you desire. MakaaniQ shares five tile design ideas that will give your bathroom a completely new look and feel.

Grey matter


Grey has always been in vogue in the world of interior decor. A colour that is considered to be earthy and cool, it sits well in bathrooms. Use this colour across the flooring and the walls, creating a contrast with white sanitaryware and wooden cabinets and shelves. Avoid this scheme in case your bathroom is small and will be filled in with sanitaryware. Spacious bathrooms are perfect for this scheme.

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Sheer white


White has always been the colour for bathroom tiles. Keep the tradition on by teaming up white large tiles on the floor with brick-style tiles of the same colour on the wall. Complete the look with either a completely white or dark grey set of sanitaryware. You could install dark granite or white marble sink, depending on the sanitaryware you choose. This scheme works well for both small and spacious bathrooms. However, do not go over-generous with accessories.

In focus


Another way to style up your bathroom is to use tiles to demarcate area in this space using these. Take a cue from this bathroom where the wall behind the bathtub and sink are done in blue tiles while the remaining walls are white in place of creating a glass wall. Also, the flooring under the bathtub is covered in blue tiles. This design creates a break for the eye without cluttering your bathroom and saves you some bucks, too.

The same works for wall, too.


In the picture below, mosaic tiles are used to create a pattern that separates the remaining bathroom from the bathtub, making it the focal point. This design works well for both small and large bathrooms. However, do not experiment too much with design in a small space.

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The fine print


Art-deco prints are back in fashion. So, why not adorn your bathroom with these patterns? Use a light-coloured easy-on-the-eye pattern for the walls and ceiling while you could use a bright pattern for the flooring. You do not have match or contrast the two. However, this design is meant for smaller spaces as these might not sit well on the eye in larger bathroom.

Last Updated: Mon May 06 2019

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