5 Vintage Architectural Elements That Are Making Their Way Into Modern Indian Homes

5 Vintage Architectural Elements That Are Making Their Way Into Modern Indian Homes

5 Vintage Architectural Elements That Are Making Their Way Into Modern Indian Homes

India is a reservoir of diverse cultures, each of them bringing forth different architectural designs. There are some vintage Indian architectural styles that are still alive in their actual forms. These styles, being used in homes for decades and even centuries, have now found their way into modern homes.

MakaaniQ lists five such vintage trends that are evergreen:

Red baked tiles


Going back to the roots, across homes people are using red-baked tiles to cover the porch area. Still a common sight in homes back in the villages, these clay tiles are also finding their way into modern homes as well. These tiles do not just add beauty to a home but are also relevant for hot areas, as they provide cool shelter. Moreover, in terms of design, these tiles add height to your home making it visually bigger. 

Life-size motifs & depictions

Wall depiction(Wikimedia)

India has a lot of stories to tell and what better way to say it by painting them on the walls. Interestingly, this vintage style has been well-adopted in modern homes without giving them a twist. Such motifs and applied in a large size, say spread over a complete wall, bring a sense of luxury to the home. So of the most loved depictions are warrior stories, mythological depictions, among others.

Vintage furniture

indian furniture(Google Images)

Vintage furniture has and never will go out of fashion. Indian woodwork with intricate carvings is not just popular within the country but worldwide, too. This furniture, that takes inspiration from the royal palaces in their times, is known to add a luxurious look to the home. Not just furniture, but furnishings like carpets, paintings, upholstery all with a vintage touch are evergreen. Moreover, we also see a lot of homes still adorning carved windows and doors, too for the look.



The cutout patterns in windows, walls, or in the form of a separate screen are still witnessed across Indian homes. Creating an interesting shadow play with the sun, jaalis keep the home illuminated with the natural light as well as allow the air to flow. And, still, ensures privacy in the home. What's the most beautiful is the patterns created by the cutwork throughout the day as the sun moves?



Just like motifs or wall paintings, sculptures are another accessory that tells stories from the past. Adding a sculpture as a piece of accessory and with a story behind it, gives your home the much-needed class and luxury. These could be added to your foyer, living area or even garden for immediate transformation. 

Last Updated: Tue Apr 25 2017

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