4 ways to use Internet to fulfill your property dreams

4 ways to use Internet to fulfill your property dreams

4 ways to use Internet to fulfill your property dreams

Homebuyers are adapting to Internet like never before. Be it buying of property, renting an apartment or simply catching the trends in the real estate space in India, there seems to be a higher appetite to fulfill these needs online. Property seekers are increasingly using Online Property sites and social platforms to stay in touch with the happenings in the real estate world. Here we capture four ways to use Internet to fulfill your property dream

Property search: If you are looking for a property, Internet offers you more property options than any other medium. As per rough estimates, there are over 1 Million properties on various Indian property websites. This count is far in excess of the property options available on various newspapers nationally. Moreover, Internet property search is must faster and sharper as it allows you to shortlist the properties that suit you requirements within minutes.

Property rates, trends & news: Homebuyers can keep a track of the property trends from the social networking profiles of various developers or Indian Property websites. For these, a homebuyer needs to “like” the respective pages of these developers or property websites on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc). The required updates will be shared with you instantly.

Discussion Forums / Groups: While conducting a property search there are many issues in the mind of the homebuyers. These issues are often discussed with friends and relatives leaving scope of error (as you are limited by the knowledge of a small section of the audience). There are property discussion forums where the homebuyers can put forth their discussions and seek answers from a more much larger and knowledgeable audience.

Developer’s credibility: If an investor is looking for a reliable builder or developer, they can do a Google search on their name. They will be taken to various web pages that capture other homebuyers experience with that developer. This is the most valuable piece of feedback as it comes straight form genuine home buyers like you.

Internet is a neutral platform and it is this aspect of the medium that is helping it earn credibility in the mind of property seekers in India. It is believed that going forward, Internet will become a medium of choice of homebuyers in India as it already is in the western world.

Last Updated: Wed Sep 11 2013

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