Reasons for investing in Indian real estate

Reasons for investing in Indian real estate

Reasons for investing in Indian real estate

Although today's Indian economy is tough, for NRIs, real estate proves to be a good investment option. There are many reasons why NRIs are keen on investing in Indian real estate although there are a lot of issues like lack of security and caretaking, and misuse of power of attorney. In this article, www.makaan.com highlights a few reasons as to why is there increasing investment by NRIs in the properties in India.

An income source: Real estate investment in India is a great investment in terms of cash value of the land or home that rises over time. The property also becomes a regular source of income as residential properties are given to families on rent and commercial properties have high paying professional tenants.

Investment Opportunity: Indian real estate market upholds a magnificent investment prospect for Indians living in a foreign country. It opens up an option of an additional investment that is not available abroad and is not so rich in returns.

Currency change: NRIs are at an advantageous position as most of times they earn in a foreign currency that has a high value as compared to Indian rupee. Investment in India is done in rupees and a drop in currency value makes it easier and cheaper.

For whatever reason you are investing in India, good returns or having a residence after retirement, be sure to have the entire knowledge concerning the legal formalities. The NRI Section on MakaanIQ keeps bringing the various news updates and tips for NRIs’ investment in real estate. You can post your requirement at www.makaan.com for quicker and relevant options.

Last Updated: Thu Jul 03 2014

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