Why You Must Befriend Thy Neighbour

Why You Must Befriend Thy Neighbour

Why You Must Befriend Thy Neighbour

It is human nature to compete with fellow human beings. However, this tendency starts rather intensely when we see our neighbours doing better than us. Come to think of it, most of our efforts in life are made to prove that we are better than our neighbours. I have a bigger house than my neighbour; I earn better than my neighbour; my son goes to a better college than my neighbour's son; I have a better life than my neighbour – these are some of the thoughts that keep popping in our heads constantly. (This is true of nations, too.) Most certainly, in our eagerness to outdo our neighbour in every walk of life, we often overlook one thing ─ they are the first ones to know in case something new happens to us. They are always there to share our happiness and sorrow. Much before your kith and kin arrive, your neighbours will be seen shouldering responsibilities.

Our generation, however, may beg to differ. For them, neighbours are people who just love to poke their noses in others' matters. They like to impose, interfere and criticise. Such conclusions are drawn by simply forgetting the fact that we, too, are somebody's neighbour, and they may have a similar opinion about us. Busy in our urban lives, we often forget the value of our neighbours while the fact is that we need them more today than we ever needed them.

This is something you must understand if you have yet to buy a home. There are so many ways in which a good neighbour can help you.

How is that? Let us start from the beginning.

In recent times, India's real estate sector has become a running joke for the late delivery of projects. Those who invested in under-construction properties had to invariably face delays — this is likely to change now as the Real Estate (Regulation & development) Act, 2016, has come into effect. In such cases, buyers would from a group to lodge a complaint against the developer.  An individual buyer would often not find it viable to go up against a mighty developer and expect justice. When your neighbours are united, you would have more confidence to take a step. The same is going to remain true in the times to come, too.

Now, let us assume you bought a ready-to-move-in property. Before you buy the property, you can always check with someone living here how wise the decision to invest in this particular project would be. Someone living there would be in a much better position to tell you that. And, once you shift, you are going to need this someone even more.

Would your life not me much easier of your neighbour is a nice fellow who would tell you who you could call to hire the nanny for your young child or to recruit a domestic help, etc. Would it also not be nicer if you can depend on this neighbour in case a need arises and your child needs babysitting? There are so many domestic matters in which a good neighbour could help you.

Also not be undermined the fact that your neighbour also works towards keeping your dwelling safe—even if unintentionally. What if there is a fire at your home while you are away? Your next-door neighbour would be the first one to know and report—after all his own interests are involved, too.

Having a friendly neighour will also help you when you decide to renovate your house, and the noise made in the process is likely to irk whosoever comes in contact with it. The drilling machine that is doing its work in your apartment may cause your neighbour lose his sleep and peace of mind. In case you and your neighbours are not friends, be ready to face complaints.

Last Updated: Thu Aug 17 2017

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