Why Administrations' Must Not Ignore Unauthorised Constructions, Dilapidated Homes

Why Administrations' Must Not Ignore Unauthorised Constructions, Dilapidated Homes

Why Administrations' Must Not Ignore Unauthorised Constructions, Dilapidated Homes

Given the kind of construction mushrooming across cities, unapproved or unauthorised constructions are a reality and it cannot be ignored. Similar is the menace caused by weak, dilapidated homes and the corporation’s laxity in tackling these and evacuating residents before disaster rings in needs to be pointed out.

In 2015, the Andhra Pradesh government came up with the Building Penalization Scheme or the BPS. Under the scheme, layouts that have violated the building byelaws would need to pay the penalty and resort to regularisation. 

Authorities may prefer to bring these illegal constructions within the planning fold.  However, in certain places, it may be tough for unauthorised constructions to escape the noose. In Dharamshala, for example, the municipal corporation decided to axe unauthorised commercial buildings that were built after June 2016. Strict measures needed to be meted out because the area falls under high-risk earthquake zone and general warnings suggest that no builder can build beyond four floors.

In Lucknow however, it was a different case. The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) sought a compounding fee to regularise such unchecked real estate growth. If the penalty wasn’t submitted, LDA has the right to demolish such constructions.

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This is one of the issues that loom execrably over the Indian real estate market. Because demolitions are on various grounds difficult, developmental authorities try to be as fair as possible to such inhabitants and builders. A small fee could help unstructured sellers get their buildings within the official developmental maps. 

In 2016, there were over one lakh illegal constructions in Hyderabad that facilitated flooding. 

At many times, demolition drives fail to kickstart although these are announced. Many illegal zones overtime become centres of economics altogether making it difficult for developmental authorities to displace these people.

Not just this, when demolitions fail to take place, not only is the building at the risk of losing its stability in future, various other laws such as forest laws, town and planning initiatives are rendered nugatory.

But when unstructured sellers discount all these threats and continue building more in restricted areas, they are risking your money and even life.

Not just unauthorised constructions but dilapidated buildings are also a problem. Administration’s efforts go in vain when residents do not cooperate. Take the recent example of Lucknow. In some other cases, administration’s negligence with respect to evacuation from such homes that cannot stand the test of time any further is the problem.

Incessant rains in Lucknow caused an 80 year-old building to collapse in Lucknow’s Hazratganj locality.

Steps are being taken to identify other such homes. Hazratganj, chowk, Nakkhas, Aminabad and other old areas of the city house many such unsafe structures that can collapse owing to heavy rain. Previously, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) had issued a notice to the owner of the affected building but the notice seemingly fell on deaf ears. This neglect is risky given that since the last week of July, over 200 deaths have been reported due to rain-related accidents and over 150 properties have also collapsed in the last one month.

Here’s what you should do if you are unaware about the kind of property you are investing in.

*Check for the credibility of your developer and do not let him change the layout of an approved map.

*At your end, ensure that the building codes are not compromised.

*Check with the municipal corporation to see whether the project is coming up in an approved site. You can get relevant information on authority’s website as well.

*Get every detail documented. If it is a resale project, check for clear titles.

Last Updated: Tue Aug 28 2018

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