Where NCR Cities Stand In Giving Ease Of Living?

Where NCR Cities Stand In Giving Ease Of Living?

Where NCR Cities Stand In Giving Ease Of Living?

Those living in the national capital region had little reason to cheer when Housing Minister Hardeep Singh Puri unveiled the findings of the government’s maiden Ease of Living Survey on August 13. The four cities that were included in the survey failed to make it to the top-10 slots which were primarily dominated by cities from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Cities of the NCR in fact could not make it to the top 45­­ ─ Ghaziabad is ranked 46th in the survey ─ at the index.

Often referred to as a global city, Gurgaon has emerged as the worst performers in the region with its 88th ranking on the index. While Faridabad is slotted 72 in the rankings, the national capital was positioned at the 65th spot. Noida was not part of the exercise.

The survey that ranked 111 cities on the basis of four parameters of ease of living ─ governance, social, economic and physical infrastructure — ranked Pune the best city for those seeking ease of living while awarding Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai the second and third positions, respectively.

Looking at the bright side

It would be, however, quite unfair not to see the good about these cities which is overlooked since all the attention is towards the bad.

Delhi welcomes you with open arms: Delhi recorded its worst performance on the availability of healthcare professionals lying right at the bottom. The city is also ranked poorly on parameters such as crime recorded, inclusive housing, safety and pollution-curbing. On five of 15 parameters, the national capital is ranked below 100. The national capital has, however, received the top ranking in providing open spaces.

Gurgaon is cleaning its act: The people living in Gurgaon are forced to go through a poor quality of living, it seems, considering the Millennium On the five parameters where the city has performed rather poorly include education, water supply, safety, mixed land use and institutional framework. However, the city has done well as far as availability open spaces go. It is also battling against pollution more effectively than before.

Let’s get better educated about Faridabad: Faridabad recorded the worst ranking among NCR cities in terms of safety, solid waste management and economy. However, the city has also managed to get the best ranking when it comes to education.

Ghaziabad is where the home is: The state of education, safety, power supply and social aspects might be poor in Ghaziabad, but its performance on housing and inclusiveness is simply outstanding, according to the survey. The city is got the highest ranking on this parameter.

Best cities to enjoy ease of living


*Navi Mumbai

*Greater Mumbai



Worst cities in ease of living




*Bihar Sharif


Last Updated: Thu Aug 16 2018

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