Versova-Madh Island Elevated Road Might Take Off Soon

Versova-Madh Island Elevated Road Might Take Off Soon

Versova-Madh Island Elevated Road Might Take Off Soon

Pending from past 25 years, the elevated bridge between Mumbai’s tourist spot Madh Island and Versova is finally set to take off. The road was first proposed in 1991 by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), but the work was initiated only in 2009 due to land-acquisition issues. The project hit a stalemate as the locals opposed the planned alignment of the bridge landing at Madh Koli village that would have cleared the area off houses.

Now, after eight years, the BMC has changed the alignment of the bridge by increasing the length by 300 metre that will dodge the fishermen settlements. Once completed, the new road will be connected to the coastal roads.

Why is this this important?

At present, the only way to access Madh is by taking a ferry ride from Versova or taking a detour of 22-km from the Kandivli Link Road towards Marve and then south into Madh. The new 2-km bridge will reduce travel time between Versova and Madh by 1.5 hours by reducing the distance of 20 km. The connectivity will boost the prospect of the region as a real estate hub. There will be two interchanges with this bridge once the coastal road and the Versova-Bandra Sea Link get operational. The proposed connectivity will connect the region directly to western suburbs and south Mumbai.

Currently, the area is known as an affordable weekend getaway near Mumbai.

The road ahead

 With the new alignment, there lies a major challenge for the BMC as the changed route runs through mangroves and the authority will have to get clearances from the environment ministry. The civic body will also have to get approval from the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority, the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority and then permission from the Bombay High Court to go ahead. The entire procedure would take at least nine months. The civic body has completed the geotechnical survey for the new alignment of the bridge which will be followed by the blueprint of the structure and the cost estimation.

Last Updated: Fri May 25 2018

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