These Are The Most Affordable Cities For Women Entrepreneurs

These Are The Most Affordable Cities For Women Entrepreneurs

These Are The Most Affordable Cities For Women Entrepreneurs
More and more single women are seen investing in property across major Indian cities early in their professional careers. (Dreamstime)

Are you a woman who has plans of starting a business of her own? But before you do that, you have to convince your family that the city you are moving to is dafe fr you. You also have to factor in the affordability of this new city in terms of real estate.

If this is the case, here is help. Have your pick from this list of cities which are rated the safest to live in India, and also act as a wonderful host to start-up eco-system:

Vadodara & Surat

Vadodara and Surat, cities of Gujarat which boast flourishing diamond, textile and heavy industries businesses, are not just places that provide you with jobs. They are also rated the safest destination to live by Numbeo.com, a data accumulation platform. Moreover, the flurry of funding in some of the existing start-ups has brought Vadodara and Surat on the map of start-up incubators in India. In fact, some of the big business groups in the city are acquiring and funding new enterprises to expand their business and ride on start-up bandwagon. 

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Information technology and business process outsourcing services are not the only ones driving growth in Chennai. The city also has to offer thriving automobiles, hardware manufacturing and healthcare business platforms. An entrepreneur can use the existing infrastructure in these areas to his best advantage. On the other hand, Chennai is rated the third most perfect city to live in India for women entrepreneurs.


Also known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru has large expat population working in the IT/ITes sector. The city's cosmopolitan culture helps women settle down more easily when compared to other cities. On the other hand, the start-up ecosystem of the city is quite vibrant and full of opportunities. What more? Bengaluru also offers comparatively cheaper commercial and residential spaces.

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There are multiple sectors which drive Pune's economy, including IT/ITes, manufacturing, automobiles, banking and finance, etc. Since the city is also deemed as the Oxford of the East, there are many engineering and professional colleges, which work as an active talent pool for start-ups who prefer to hire college graduates with fresh energy.


When compared to other metro cities of India, crime rate against women in Mumbai is much below the national average. With its cosmopolitan culture and economic importance, Mumbai has always been one of the most favourite cities for women start-up owners. With a reputation for being the city which never sleeps, Mumbai has active nightlife which makes it comfortable for women to commute even during odd hours. However, the expensive office space rentals make it little less preferred for the newbies, struggling for seed funding.

Last Updated: Thu Dec 22 2016

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