As Population Grows, Jaipur, Jodhpur And Kota Set To Have Additional Municipalities

As Population Grows, Jaipur, Jodhpur And Kota Set To Have Additional Municipalities

As Population Grows, Jaipur, Jodhpur And Kota Set To Have Additional Municipalities

Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kota in Rajasthan are set to get one additional municipal corporation each. The decision has been taken keeping in view the fact that the population in these cities has crossed one-million mark, and it has become difficult for a single corporation to cater to it.

Going forward, Jaipur will have a heritage municipal corporation with 100 wards and a greater Jaipur municipal corporation with 150 wards. On the other hand,  Jodhpur will be divided into two civic bodies in north and south with 80 wards each.  Likewise, Kota will also be divided into north (70 wards) and south (80 wards) civic bodies.  

What makes municipal corporations so important and integral for cities?

You might be aware that municipal corporations are responsible for maintaining basic facilities. However, they have several other functions you might not be aware of. Gaining knowledge about that can be quite beneficial for you.

We list here some other facilities municipal bodies are expected to provide:

Municipal housing

Each municipal body is vested with the responsibility of coming up with housing for its council employees. In Delhi alone, there are 3,500 such quarters classified as Type-I and Type-VI, based on the seniority of these employees. The department follows the rules as approved by the Central government, which are in accordance with the council. There is an authority to manage the grievances of the allottees and any aggrieved party can escalate the matter to an appellate authority.

Property taxes

While the tax department collects property tax and service charges on private and government properties, the rate of these taxes is determined by municipal bodies on an annual basis.

For instance, when the tax department told the valuation committee of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation that it faced difficulty while assessing group housing societies and multistoried flats, the latter gave it a new formula to calculate taxes. In short, tax authorities and municipal bodies work together.

Building-plan approvals

Every developer must take an approval from the municipal body to go ahead with a project. To get a building plan approved in the NDMC area, for instance, architects would need to feed in the information sought along with project drawings and related information such as covered area and number of stories. Charges would be calculated thereafter. The building scheme number is provided to the user and the site inspection date is generated. The scrutiny report and site report is then sent to higher authorities for verification.

Gardens and parks

It is also the job of the municipal bodies to maintain green spaces, including gardens and parks. In Delhi, for instance, three parks and three gardens are run by the NDMC.

Utilities and services

You can pay electricity, water, estate bills online using the services offered by municipal bodies. Besides, corporations also address grievances, provide community centres for public use, provide no-dues certificates, help you apply for trade licences, renew NOC's, birth, death and marriage registrations, help you benefit from services such as 'Debris on Call' and also inform citizens about recent tenders that rollouts. Schools also form an important part of a corporation's responsibility. The New Delhi Municipal Corporation, for instance, runs three nursery schools, 14 primary schools, one middle school, eight secondary schools, 13 senior secondary schools, one aided school, four un-aided schools and 11 Navyug schools in the state. Solid waste management is also an important duty. The NDMC has also provided for a National Air Quality Index.

Taking feedback

All corporations seek feedback and opinions from citizens about the services they provide. For example, the NDMC has launched out a citizen poll, asking people for their opinions on various topics. Some of the questions include: Do you want pedestrian in Connaught Place Area? Do you want Underground Multilevel Parking in Khan Market? This helps understand public opinion. You could participate in these polls to help your corporation serve you better.

Last Updated: Tue Oct 22 2019

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