On-Metro Ads Can Steer Real Estate Towards Growth

On-Metro Ads Can Steer Real Estate Towards Growth

On-Metro Ads Can Steer Real Estate Towards Growth

Metro is the lifeline of any city. A city's prime spot which has the gigantic moving traffic capturing more than 20 lakh commuters each day. Earlier only the government used to utilise the inside metro space to create awareness on important social issues and its initiatives. Of late, this space is also being utlised by other sectors to grab eyeballs and hit the target audience.

Real estate, an immensely vast sector, thoroughly uses the space on television as well as print advertisements to promote upcoming luxury/affordable projects. Buying a house is every man's dream and through metro advertisements, real estate developers can easily get a hold of customers from every strata of the society.

With a cost of around Rs 25 lakh to wrap six to eight coaches of the metro for a month, the 'On-Metro' advertisement is highly promising. Although the prices vary depending on the metro route and the number of coaches, e-commerce and white goods companies are often seen scrambling to get their share of the limelight.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has big companies as its clientele to attract customers with big banners and smart punchlines. It is true that the DMRC only allows 10 per cent of its coaches to be wrapped with ads, making it a case of demand exceeding supply but cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai too should follow the suit and tap into the untapped territory of metro premises.

The Delhi metro covers 213 km across six lines and transfers close to 2,80,000 passengers every day. Right now, it runs 220 trains of four, six and eight coaches totalling 1,290 coaches. So, this broad space can be easily utilised by real estate sector to achieve a fuelling growth. 
Major benefits of on-Metro and in-Metro advertisements:

*Spreads across huge consumers on a moving traffic.

*More than 2,80,000 commuters travel every day. The advertisement gets noticed to this massive crowd.

*Easily noticeable because of the prominent size of advertisements.

*Metro trains are clean and tidy, so messages grab the attention of the audience.

*It has the mass appeal which makes it appropriate for all.

*Given the huge target audience, it has 100 per cent return on investment.

*The higher the train frequency, the more retention capability develops.

*Real estate developers can make some capital investment in such advertisements and can reach a large number of potential customers in no time.

*In a city's prime locations, there are many places with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic. For advertising to have a big impact, metro is the ideal place. It is city's prime spot and with moving traffic it gets noticed with a huge chunk of people which aims to buy big or small property.

*The revenue can significantly contribute towards building more projects to serve the potential homebuyer's interest.

*Developers just need to contact the advertising companies for the metro promotions and need to pay the amount, rest is their responsibility to make it prominent and clutter-free.


Last Updated: Thu Mar 15 2018

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