New Flat Owners In Mumbai To Get Individual Property Tax Bill

New Flat Owners In Mumbai To Get Individual Property Tax Bill

New Flat Owners In Mumbai To Get Individual Property Tax Bill

Living in a housing society offers buyers many a benefit, but, community living also has another side to it. A buyer would often be punished for a fault that is committed by the developer. In the recent past, several cases have cropped up where buyers have to face the music for faults committed by developers of real estate projects.

Recently, power supply to many Amrapali projects in Noida was snapped, because the crisis-hit developer has failed to pay dues. Similarly, residents of at least six housing societies in Noida may lose water supply because builders have not paid bills. The Noida Authority has already stopped supply water to as many as 28 consumers.

Another pet peeve of people living in housing societies is that they are forced to pay penalties on property tax despite being punctual about the payment. In case you live in Mumbai, this is not a problem you would face anymore.

Now, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will be sending each resident a separate property tax bill in place of sending a consolidated bill to your housing society. Typically, residents’ welfare associations of housing societies collect property tax from members and deposit it with the municipal body.

However, the new rule would apply to only buildings, which have received an occupation certificate after April 2018. In case you are living in a building that was issued an OC before that period, you will have to procure a no-objection certificate (NOC) from your housing society to receive an individual bill from the BMC — as has been the practice so far.

In case you have decided to take the matter in your own hand, here is how you could go about it. The most convenient option would be to log on to the official website of the municipal body and pay your property tax. You could also visit BMC help centres to make the payment.

Last Updated: Mon Apr 16 2018

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