Naya Raipur Is All Set To Become A Global City

Naya Raipur Is All Set To Become A Global City

Naya Raipur Is All Set To Become A Global City

Planners of the new state did not have much time to set up the required infrastructure to run a parallel government when in the year 2000 Madhya Pradesh was bifurcated and Chhattisgarh was created. The city of Raipur was chosen to be the capital of the new state. For a while the state secretariat functioned from an old hospital building in Raipur. But, government officials would soon find that the infrastructure in Raipur, the largest and the most populous city in the state, was inadequate to meet its new responsibilities. Turning the existing set up upside down was not an option for the results could have been disturbing. It was evident the new state needed a new capital, and so started work on building Naya Raipur.

Nestled between two national highways, the NH-6 and the NH-43, Naya Raipur is close to the old capital. In fact, the Raipur city airport lies just six kilometres from here. The government appointed the Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) as the nodal agency to develop the new capital in an area of 20,000 acres. In addition, about 50,000 acres have been left out only for green area. The centre of political power would soon see residential developments thriving.

What are the options?

Naya Raipur is divided into 40 sectors, wherein 21 sectors are reserved for housing projects purpose, which makes it an attractive destination for many reputed real estate developers to come up with affordable/luxury projects. At present, not too many people have moved into the new state capital because of the easy connectivity between the two places and live in the Raipur city. However, as the new city will have more to offer to dwellers in terms of amenities and facilities, the number of home buyers is likely to see a remarkable growth in future.

To understand the clear image of the real estate impact on Naya Raipur, one needs to recognise the influence region which includes Naya Raipur and select micro markets in Raipur. There is a huge area that is held in reserve for housing project in Naya Raipur. On the other hand, around 15 per cent of this land reserve is kept for financially weaker sections or for people below poverty line, while 10 per cent of land is kept for housing for the lower income group. 

What is new in Naya Raipur?

The city is on a growth path and several measures are taking up to make it successful planned state capital. Soon, Naya Raipur will be on the country's railway map and will have a functional international airport and BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) corridors, connecting it to the adjacent Raipur city. The city will have underground water, cabling and drainage systems, which means planners will have abundant space for extensive road constructions.  

To keep itself green, the city will be making use of solar energy and rain-water harvesting compulsory process for each building. Each housing projects in the city will also have a fixed 30 per cent of green area.

Apart from these there will be manufacturing zones, a central business district (CBD) and a logistics hub in Naya raipur. There will be good number of educational institutions in Naya Raipur.

What is in store?

Provided other plans for the city fall in place, the real estate sector in Naya Raipur should be headed in upwards direction in the coming four to five years. In Raipur city, micro markets located in east, north and south Raipur will also fall in the influence region, pushing growth in those markets.

It is worth mentioning here that in the recent years, these micro markets of Raipur city have witnessed hyperactive real estate development. Let's take an example. A few years back, Saddu was a small rural area in the outskirts of Raipur. At present, this micro market is spread with new residential projects.

However, in implementation will lie the key to success of the brand new capital and its real estate.

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