Mercer’s Survey: Chennai Is The Safest City In India

Mercer’s Survey: Chennai Is The Safest City In India

Mercer’s Survey: Chennai Is The Safest City In India

Out of 231 cities competing in the Mercer’s Quality of Living survey, Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland) and Vancouver (Canada) secured the top three positions, with Vienna retaining its position for almost a decade now.

In India, Hyderabad and Pune topped the list, sharing the 143rd position in the global survey, followed by Bengaluru at 149th position, Chennai at 151, Kolkata at 160 and New Delhi is at the 162nd position.

“In India, the overall positioning of surveyed cities and quality of living remains largely unchanged from the previous year. While factors such as availability of consumables, ease of financial services rank relatively high, it would be worrying that critical considerations such as clean air, potable drinking water facilities and ease in traffic  congestion continue to remain areas of concern, with limited redressal over time”, says Padma Ramanathan, India Practice Leader, Global Mobility.

These cities are listed based on various factors that ensure a good quality of living. These include economic environment, housing opportunities, recreational elements and access, political and social environment, public services and transport, socio-cultural environment, education and accessibility, medical and health services, consumer goods and pricing, natural environment.

Safety first

While ‘natural environment’ was added as a determinant a few years back, this year a new category that was added was ‘internal safety’. Among Indian competitors, Chennai is considered the safest securing the 105th rank while Hyderabad at 109th, Pune at 112th, Bengaluru at 116th and Kolkata at 116th are in a better off position than the national capital Delhi which is at the 138th position. Delhi’s unpopularity in this regard is due to aspects like petty crime, crime against women and other safety-related aspects. Mumbai at number 144th position owes its unpopularity to transport issues as also problems related to strikes called by authorities.

Asian favourites

Among Asian cities, Singapore, Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama and Osaka are among the top five desirable cities for international employees. India does not feature in this list.

Last Updated: Fri Mar 15 2019

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