Is Your Property In A Flood Zone?

Is Your Property In A Flood Zone?

Is Your Property In A Flood Zone?

While shopping for a home not many homebuyers ask this question – is this property in a flood zone? However, this should be a question every homebuyer must ask if they are looking for property near large water bodies.

The government has defined certain areas across the country that are termed as flood-prone areas and this according to the Geological Survey of India makes up to 12.5 per cent of the total area of the country.

Some of the prominent states that have the highest area marked as flood-prone include West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Assam, Bihar, Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

One of the recent cases has been the rising water levels of the Yamuna in Delhi causing the government to give alerts to areas nearby, including Railway Bridge, Akshardham, Geeta Colony, Okhla, Garhi Mandu, Madanpur Khadar, and Usmanpur, among others.

 So, how can you know if the property falls in the flood-prone area:

*Read through the website of Geological Survey of India. So far the Indian terrain has four flood-prone zones, these include Brahmaputra Region; Ganga Region; North West Region; and Central India and Deccan region.

*Also, the paperwork would have a point incase the property falls under a flood zone.

*Make sure you check with your insurance agent, too.

*If your seller is ethical, they would let you in advance or will have it mentioned in their listing about the property falling in a flood zone.


In case you already have bought a home in such an area, there are certain challenges that you might face. These include:

*Fear of flood water entering your premises.

*This water can be cause of various diseases, including Dengue, Cholera, among others. In case of Delhi, the scare of rising levels of vector-borne diseases has gone up since the water levels of Yamuna have crossed the danger mark.

*Waterlogging in areas around could cause long traffic snarls.

*Being constructed on a river bed, the property might not be strong when it comes to withstanding calamities like an earthquake. Invest in only a project that has been constructed with material that helps it withstand on a softer base when compared to other structures in the city.

Although you have made the purchase, the question that will arise in your mind is – will it impact my property’s price?

The answer is ‘yes’. Having a property in a flood zone will impact the property price. While you would have purchased it a price lower than the average price across the city, you will end up selling it, too, at a lower price than the average during the time.

Last Updated: Thu Aug 16 2018

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