#InternationalWomensDay: Celebrating Successful Women Brokers

#InternationalWomensDay: Celebrating Successful Women Brokers

#InternationalWomensDay: Celebrating Successful Women Brokers

Real estate could look like it's a man's world. But we'd like to differ. Makaan.com has been tracking women who manage to work as real estate professionals with ease and sense of satisfaction as well.

Check out what successful women brokers across India had to say about real estate and their journey.

Indian real estate is largely male-dominated, how does operating in such a space affect you?

Sanjana SharmaSanjana Sharma, Director, Kings Real Estate: I started off at a time when real estate was not a very professional field. Those who dealt with it had no formal education and it was looked down upon. Women usually shied away as well. Today the scenario has changed and those within the field are educated, competitive and professional. It remains largely male-dominated but when the product you are dealing with is a home, it is a basic need and I capitalised on that need. Roti, Kapda and Makaan will never go out of business and if you learn the business well, there is no fear of it being largely male-dominated.

Can you recount one of your success stories?

Srishti amarSrishti Amar, Golden Pillars Infracon Pvt Ltd, Lucknow: To this day I am very happy to recall a deal I closed with a family for a luxury project in Lucknow. The lead came to me from a colleague who was tired of showing around properties to the client. I took it from there and was able to close the deal right on the Bhoomi Pujan of the project. That is considered very auspicious. It was also a learning. Usually, a lot of potential customers are confused and losing your patience is an easy thing to do. However, deals take time to mature and you have to give enough time to the client to understand, estimate and prepare for the property he or she is willing to purchase. I used to follow-up with the client off and on. Over WhatsApp and e-mails, I could maintain my relation and also pursue the deal which finally materialised. It was an end to end service and I am glad I could bring it to a closure. My dealings with my clients have been very transparent and clear and I am glad that they recommend me to one another. There's no better guru than the customer

Do you feel that women in real estate would actually fare better than men in some respect?

suman sarafSuman Saraf, Managing Director at Saraf Estate Agency : If they are confident, nothing will pull them down. Additionally, they should keep themselves very strict about a code of conduct. Usually, women are looked upon as a weaker sex, not to be taken very seriously but if one's family gives the right push to women, there is no looking back. Women can be very disciplined when it comes to paperwork. Thanks to my discipline, I manage 150 direct and indirect clients today, giving them the leads to work on. I managed this from scratch.

Can you recount one of your most wonderful memories when it comes to workplace?

 NimmiNimmi Singh, Mangalmurti Homes: I remember an Anglo-Indian client, a pilot looking out for a property in the city. He was so happy with my firms dealing with him that he went around for only two site visits and settled for the second property instantly. I am assuming he found us genuine and credible. I also managed to do the clean paperwork for him. That was a wow moment for me!


Do you feel that women in real estate would actually fare better than men in some respect?

Ruby KhanRuby Khan, Director, NCR Investor Solution: Most people feel that real estate is only about field work. However, it is more about smart work than hard work. It doesn't matter whether it is a male broker or a female as long as you are satisfying the client's curiosity to know more about the property. We deal with ready-to-move properties. It is physical and clients can see and understand what they are agreeing to. It is a transparent business and clients value that. It is not about blind targets, it is not about how many insurances we were able to sell. It is about how many lives we were able to touch.

 What are the major challenges that women face when they are buying a home? Does your firm lend any special assistance to women clients who want to understand whether they are making the right choice?

 Kajal SinghKajal Singh, Head, Shree Laxmi Real Estate: Both men and women have doubts. My firm makes sure that we have clarified every minute detail and our papers are clean. I handle all the documentation myself and do not depend on anybody else so that way I make sure that customers are assured of value for money.


Last Updated: Wed Mar 07 2018

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