How To Apply For Bangalore Development Authority Flats

How To Apply For Bangalore Development Authority Flats

How To Apply For Bangalore Development Authority Flats

To provide quality homes to the middle-income group, the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has redone five projects to include amenities such as club houses, gymnasiums, recreational activities, park, etc. These projects found no takers when the first notification was sent out in 2014. However, as the projects have been clustered with new facilities, the scheme has received a decent response from buyers.

 Modern amenities key-clincher

Projects developed by the BDA are developed on the land parcel of three acres which didn't have any amenities earlier. “Jogging tracks, development stores, and ATMs have been planned within project campuses. These facilities have acted as key attractions for these projects. Almost 1,500 flats are up for sale for which 1,000 applications have been received so far,” a senior BDA official told media.

Bigger, better and cheaper

Flats constructed by the BDA are available at starting price of Rs 25 lakh while a 3BHK could cost you as much as Rs 50 lakh. In comparison, a 2BHK unit by a reputed develop should cost you as much as Rs 50-75 lakh in Bengaluru. For a 3BHK apartment, you will have to pay between Rs 75 lakh and Rs 3 crore.

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Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for different categories are different. For the economically weaker section, for instance, the annual income of the applicant's family should be Rs 3.5 lakh. However, there is no income limit for those applying under the general category.

Age: The minimum age of the applicant should be 21.

Domicile: The applicant should be a resident of Karnataka for at least 10 years.

Also, the applicant should not have any other property allotted under any state or central government scheme within the Bangalore Metropolitan Area.

How BDA flats are allotted

The first allotment is done on the first-come-first-serve basis while the second allotment is based on lucky draw. A certain percentage of these units are reserved for a certain group.

Backwards Tribe: 2 per cent

Scheduled Tribe: 3 per cent

Scheduled Caste: 13 per cent

Defence personnel/Ex-serviceman/Dependants of deceased defence personnel: 10 per cent

State government employees: 10 per cent

Central government, public enterprises or employees of state or Central government-controlled statutory bodies: 8 per cent

Handicapped persons: 2 per cent

General: 50 per cent

People with exemplary records in the area of art, science and sports: 2 per cent

What is the payment procedure?  

Once the allotment has been done, allottees need to pay 25 per cent of the housing unit cost within 60 days of receiving the allotment letter, another 25 per cent within 120 days and the remaining value within 180 days of receiving the allotment letter. The ownership deed is handed over to the buyer only when the payment has been made in full, and all the documents have been verified.

Last Updated: Mon Jun 19 2017

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