How India’s Top Cities Fare In Housing Inclusiveness

How India’s Top Cities Fare In Housing Inclusiveness

How India’s Top Cities Fare In Housing Inclusiveness

The rush among Indians to move to cities is getting intense with each passing day, but the cities, data indicate, are not ready for that kind of transition yet. In the Centre’s recently released ease of living survey, the country’s major cities performed poorly in the housing and inclusiveness category. Unfortunately, those cities that performed well did not really do well either — Ghaziabad, the top scorer in this category, managed to score only 2.82 out of 5. Surat, the second-best performer in this category, scored only 2.23. Vellore, the third-best scorer, stood close to Surat with 2.21.

The Housing and Inclusiveness Category under the Physical Pillar considers two core indicators to calculate the category Index. It primarily looks at the percentage of slums covered through formal/affordable housing and percentage of slums covered with basic services.

When we look at the scores of India’s big cities in this category, the national capital leads from the bottom with its exceptionally poor performance. Delhi is ranked 105 out of the 111 cities with a score of 0 out of 5. This is the city which sees thousands moving in every day. Second worst performer in this category is India’s information technology capital, Bengaluru. The city is ranked 87, with 0.06 out of 5. Bengaluru’s growing pains all already getting, too, intense — experts say, taps in the city might start running dry soon. Bengaluru’s poor ranking in housing inclusiveness is another indication the city might be ill-prepared to deal with rising population.

Interestingly, Chennai, which has an overall score of 14 at the index, is the third-worst performer in housing and inclusiveness and has been ranked 70th in this category.  This is another IT hub where millions migrate every day looking for employment. Navi Mumbai, which has otherwise dazzled its citizen with its second ranking at the index, has also not done well in this category. It has got the 35thranking with 0.53 score. Pune, the best city to enjoy ease of living, has managed the 23rd ranking in this category. South’s affordable housing hub Hyderabad, too, has been ranked 24th in this category.

Among India’s major cities Greater Mumbai, the city known for its exorbitantly priced property market and space-starved real estate, is the best performer. The city is ranked sixth in this category. While Gurgaon is ranked Gurgaon 13, Ahmedabad has been assigned the 19th ranking.

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Last Updated: Thu Aug 23 2018

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