Housing for all schemes

Housing for all schemes

Housing for all schemes

- By Katya Naidu

"Housing for all by the year 2022", is the first definitive drive of the Indian government aimed at providing affordable homes for the vast majority of weaker sections and slum dwellers. Recasting this scheme, the government has announced full support in funding to build approximately two crore houses for slum dwellers.

Housing program dovetailed with Ganges cleaning program
To avoid any cut-up and to take full advantage of this plan, the government has decided to give priority to the areas near Ganga. With this, the government is intending to run the Ganges rejuvenation program with housing for all scheme.

Housing for poor and slum dwellers
The government has finalized the program to provide affordable housing for all by 2020 and is engaged in finalizing the financing models for housing requirements. Financing models on different sets of housing requirements are made, keeping in mind that the quality of houses is not compromised.This program is made to bring improvement in the lives of urban poor who are dwelling in slums, the homeless and migrants who are in search of shelter. “Housing for all” scheme would cover all urban areas including metros, big cities and small towns. Government is harboring the intention of following the improved housing and living conditions for all the sections of society. For this, cost drive and financial models are prepared so that there would be no cut-ups to attain goals by 2022.

With the advancement of living and arrival of foreign companies in India, more and more people flock to large cities. In search of jobs, they sleep roughly and try making movable structures in and around the slums. The government has recognized to provide the property rights to those inhabitants who reside and struggle in conditions like shortage of electricity, clean water, diseases, crime, proper drainage and low economic prospects.The government is planning to begin this program with a survey to access the demands and needs of housing in urban areas. An initial assessment states that the government needs to build over 16lakh houses in Mumbai, six lakh houses in Delhi and four lakh houses both in Kolkata and Chennai. Depending on the demands, these figures may go up after the future assessments.

Well-Structured housing program for all
This is a structured mechanism that focuses on providing state support for community based groups who are non-profit oriented, but geared towards providing houses to the poor and needy. Logistical, financial and technical support is taken under consideration to lay down the plan under municipal authorities. The funding for this scheme is also generated by putting the housing tax in place to serve as a perfect financing source.

The success of this program is obviously based on how well it is provided to local folks. If the contributions of property developers and government are augmented in the right way, then the success of this national drive is guaranteed.

(Katya Naidu has been working as a business journalist for the last nine years, and has covered beats across banking, pharma, healthcare, telecom, technology, power, infrastructure, shipping and commodities)

Last Updated: Mon Aug 31 2015

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