Have A Building-Related Complaint in Mumbai? It Will Take 48 Days To Get Resolved

Have A Building-Related Complaint in Mumbai? It Will Take 48 Days To Get Resolved

Have A Building-Related Complaint in Mumbai? It Will Take 48 Days To Get Resolved

The law mandates that Mumbai’s civic body provide a closure to a citizen complaint pertaining to water supply, solid-waste management, etc., in a matter of three days. However, if the findings of a recent report by non-government body Praja Foundation are to be believed, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) takes over 15 days to resolve an issue. The report assessed data between March and December 2017 for the 24 wards in India's financial capital. The average time taken by the BMC to resolve an issue, says the report, is 48 days.

Long way to go: The BMC, which caters to approximately 1.24 crore people, also saw a meteoric rise in the number of complaints it receives. Between 2015 and 2017, there has been a 49 per cent increase in the number of complaints the civic body received. However, the BMC took only 15 days in that year to address a concern. The average response time is now 48 days.

Giving it a closure: Of the 92,329 complaints filed last year on issues related to roads, buildings, drains, water supply, solid-waste management, licences, gardens, colony officer, stormwater drainage, health and pollution, over 75,000 were closed by the BMC.

Lying on the bottom: Wards, where the response to citizen complaints was the worst, are Bhandup, Borivali and Colaba. While it took the BMC an average 93 days to close a complaint in Bhandup, it took 89 in Borivali and 86 days in Colaba to do so.

Building show: Of the 17 categories of complaints, it is the school-related complaints that take the longest time to get resolved, at 94 days. Building-related complaints stand second on that count. While the number of building-related complaints between 2016 and 2017 increased from 16,257 to 19,267, the average time taken to address the issue increased from 29 in that year to 86 days in 2017. While the number of estate-related complaints has gone down from 560 in 2016 to 407 in 2017, the response time has significantly increased. While it took the BMC only 25 days to address an estate-related complaint, the civic body took 80 days to resolve such issues in 2017.

Breath-in, breath out: Air quality in the city is gone for a toss with the Air Quality Index touching new lows. At a time like that, the BMC's response time to address pollution-related complaints went up to 83 days in 2017 from 26 days the previous year. The number of pollution-related complaints, however, declined from 220 in 2016 to 215 in 2017.

Quick closure:  The time taken by the BMC to address complaints related to solid-waste management is the fastest. The body took an average 17 days to close such complaints.

Last Updated: Tue Apr 24 2018

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