Has Google Got Your Locality Name Wrong? Here’s How This Could Impact You

Has Google Got Your Locality Name Wrong? Here’s How This Could Impact You

Has Google Got Your Locality Name Wrong? Here’s How This Could Impact You

Errors in Google Maps is not new and it is not limited to a particular country either. From causing a demolition of a wrong house because the property to be demolished was pinned incorrectly, to missing an entire city of over 90,000 people from the map, Google has done it all. Incorrect spellings of a locality and incorrect pronunciation has also been a cause of confusion for many.

In a recent report published in The New York Times, the Google Maps seems to have got it all wrong. While it completely changed the name of a locality in San Francisco from its popular names – Rincon Hill, South Beach or South of Market — to the East Cut.

In another instance, the spelling of a locality in Detroit was changed on the maps. Fiskhorn was now known as Fishkorn.

Closer at home, a Google support forum read, “I need to report a problem about not a business or a road name but the name of an area. A town’s name (which has a population of more than 10,000 people) has been incorrectly mentioned on Google Maps. The place is known as Bharathiar Nagar in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu on Google Maps, however, the actual name of the locality is N.Kosavampatty.”

While this had impacted citizens across the world at large, it also impacted businesses – real estate in particular. How?

The plight of a home seller and a buyer

At a time when using online maps is considered to be a viable way to look for a locality of choice, imagine being a home seller who has been unable to sell a property because your locality doesn’t show up on the Google Maps. People today are so dependent on the Maps that they look for the distance between two destinations, the best travelling mode and the best route they could take to reach, all with the help of maps.

However, if your property doesn’t show up on the maps, a majority of potential homebuyers would not want to travel to see the property. While some of them would not know where exactly the property is, some of them would not want to travel until the GPS showed how much time it would take.

It also shows poorly on the property as the locality might not look relevant enough to be featured on the Google Maps.

In case of a homebuyer, Imagine if you have sold a property in a locality that does have a name on Google Maps, however, is named differently when you go to register it. Isn’t it utter confusion? What should you use as a locality name?

While this has become a menace over the time, there are ways in which Google allows you to correct errors.

Here’s how you could correct this:

In case you come across an error in Google Maps you could make the edits on your own. You could suggest edits by following simple steps:

*Open the Google Maps app on your mobile or computer.

*Search for a place (you want to make changes to) or tap it on the map.

*Scroll down and select 'Suggest an edit'.

*Follow the instructions.

*Tap Send.

Last Updated: Tue Nov 27 2018

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